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Ways Around Gamstop. How to avoid gamstop
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We know that sometimes it is quite hard to find ways how to get around Gamstop, so our team decided to try all of them and collect successful ones for our customers. The self-exclusive Gamstop scheme is one of the recent tools that help to reduce the harmful effects of problem gambling. This scheme has an easy registration form and the list of gambling operators which participate there. Once you registered you can’t reverse your decision and should wait for the expiration of your exclusion period.

Upon registering to Gamstop self-exclusion programme, you will be offered to choose the period of time you will be participating in this scheme can be 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. It is only for the registrant to decide how long the participation should last. Here are the basic concepts on how to get around Gamstop services using casinos not licensed in UK are provided below.

Top Ways How to Get Around Gamstop Self-Exclusion

There are many possible ways how to cancel Gamstop self-exclusion programme even after you become a part of it. The main reason to do so is the situation when a person has not decided yet whether they want to stop gambling or not. As a result, it only makes sense to search for ways to cancel the subscription. Here is the list of the ways that can be used to stop the Gamstop scheme.

Get Around Gamstop With Non Gamstop Online Casinos

It is virtually not possible to revert the Gamstop Scheme unless your subscription to this programme is expired, but you always can find other options to find alternatives that are not covered by this service. That is possible due to the fact that Gamstop has an agreement with a finite list of UK casino companies which provide an option of self-exclusion and as a result you will not be able to play on any online casino from the list mentioned before. The self-exclusion programme is not limited to casinos, it also includes any sorts of betting shops, arcades, bingo venues, etc.

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One of the easiest ways how to get around Gamstop programme is as simple as finding one of the independent casino sites available on the internet. This is the most convenient way to cancel Gamstop programme in case you feel like it. So using this option allows you to find a vast variety of online casinos available on the market:

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  • Bookies: you can bet on whatever you want to. Just pick one of the great betting sites not on Gamstop and try your luck;
  • Poker Rooms: you know that your poker face is unreadable, then try your skills on any poker sites not on Gamstop;
  • Bingo Halls: wanna have fun shouting “Bingo”? There is a huge choice of bingo non Gamstop sites where you can experience it all;
  • Lottery Platforms: getting thrilled seeing the numbers appearing on the screen? Just check non Gamstop lotto with keno and scratch cards.

This should be helpful to the players that have not finalized their decision on finishing their gambling journey. Alternative online casinos not on Gamstop help you to wait until you self-exclusion period ends, give a great experience, and even more bonuses than you expected.

Our team ask you to be careful if you have impulsive gambling behaviour. Despite the way around Gamstop you will choose, we recommend you do not use credit cards, because it might be harmful. The UK government even want to add some additional payment method restrictions on both local and non Gamstop casinos. As an example, credit cards might be banned in gambling because people use bank’s money and fall into debts. Despite the path you choose to avoid self-exclusion, you should use only your own funds.

Use Bitcoin Casinos to Bypass Gamstop

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Cryptocurrency, especially bitcoin, casinos are gaining lots of popularity in the last couple of years. The main difference between bitcoin and regular casinos not registered with Gamstop is the payment method. Usually, operators which allow crypto payments do not require your ID verification and it an advantage for the UK gamblers who want to be anonymous. If we talk about other aspects, BTC casinos are pretty the same as others, they have the same type of games, similar bonuses, and wagering options. Shorty, you do not find any difference except the payment method. You can use such sites as a great way of getting around Gamstop and other verification mechanisms.


Register the Account on Your Friends to Get Around Gamstop

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All ways around Gamstop are great until they work. One fast way if you want to get around Gamstop is to find someone who you know, ask their permission, and register a new account on this person’s information. From Gamstop point of view, it will be another gambler and there is no way how Gamstop can block you, you will be able to play when and where you want, just pick you brand. Some people just impulsively self-excluded themselves and as there is no way how to cancel Gamstop directly, should find alternatives. But you need to be aware that this method has its own drawbacks, you should use anonymous payment methods like Paysafecard, Vouchers, or cryptocurrency because you should avoid KYC procedure.

Find Offline Gambling Facility

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Gamstop works only for online casinos, so another simple way to get around Gamstop is to find an offline casino. There are plenty of land-based gambling venues in the UK and you can pick the nearest for you. Everything you need is to get your verification ID. Probably it seems ridiculous if we compare it with other methods, but it is still a way to avoid self-exclusion. But you need to know that offline casinos also have their self-exclusion mechanism and it is called ‘SENSE’. Fortunately, Gamstop and offline self-exclusion schemes don’t share their participants and you can use it. Although if you self-excluded yourself from both Gamstop and ‘SENSE’, this option is not for you and you need to pick another way how you get around it from your list.

Use VPN as a Way Around Gamstop

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Another way of getting around Gamstop from our list is VPN, and it is a comparably new option for people who want to avoid self-exclusion. Users can find many free and paid VPN programs that allow you to start gambling again. All you need is find a casino or bookie site that doesn’t allow players from your country, enable VPN, and set a suitable location. However, you need to know that it isn’t cancellation of Gamstop, you need to find casinos that block people from your country and just play there until your self-exclusion period ends. We recommend you to try this way around Gamstop and enjoy casinos from different regions like Asia, US casinos,  or easter Europe you didn’t try before.

Wait the End of Exclusion Period to Cancel Gamstop

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If you know that you have gambling-related problems, everything you need is patience. It is a good way to cancel Gamstop if you do not want to use other options. You are still able to watch games, visit offline casinos, and play free games without real money. When the period ends, all UKGC casinos will accept you back and it will be your way to get around Gamstop. You can find some other activities or find a new either gambling or non-gambling related hobby.

Note: This article was created only for information purpose. Described ways how to get around Gamstop self-exclusion above were reviewed and described only for people how do not have gambling problems. If you think that you are a problem gambler or just want to check yourself, we recommend you to follow BeGambleAware quiz that may identify are you a problem gambler or not.

Bypass Gamstop With No Verification Casinos

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One of the easiest options to get out of Gamstop is to find any online casino that does not require any ID verification. Such sites do not require any verification upon registration thus it does not matter whether you have signed up for Gamstop program or not. Just search the Internet and find a site that won’t ask for KYC verification. In that case, even if you self-exclude yourself that would allow you to continue to play your favourite games. The only drawback of such a method is that you might be scammed. To prevent that double-check gambling platforms without verifications and the easiest way to do that would be to find reviews sites like ours and see if it has predominantly positive reviews. If it is the case then you have found yourself a way around Gamstop and you are good to go.

Get Around Gamstop With Shared Account

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Here is one of the other ways to stop and get off Gamstop self-exclusion. Just ask your friend that does not participate in a self-exclusion program to create a shared account that would contain information of your buddy but not yours. This might be a great indicator for you as well as the fact if you are ready to return to gambling or not, because who else but your own friend would tell if you still have issues or not. If you have a deal with your lad all you need to do is to find any casino site that might be or might be not a part of Gamstop and register using his ID. It is worth mentioning that it is better to discuss the financial side of the deal beforehand so there are no hard feelings if anything wrong happens because the last thing you want is to ruin your relationship with your best bud. And it is also worth mentioning that this way to get around Gamstop is possible only with the person you absolutely trust otherwise you might get scammed and there is nothing you will be able to do about that.

How to Cancel Gamstop Earlier

cancel gamstop earlier

Gamstop doesn’t offer such an option, officially you can play on UK casinos only after the end of your self-exclusion period. Unfortunately, we do not know why Gamstop doesn’t allow you to change your opinion and have gambling freedom, you should wait till the end of the period and claim that you want to cancel you self-exclusion. However, we already provided you with the most popular ways how you can start playing earlier. We understand that it isn’t cancellation and you can’t play on our previous online gambling sites, but fortunately, there are many excellent international gambling sites which accept British players and they will be happy to welcome you.

We understand that many people struggle without their gambling hobbies during the self-exclusion period. Therefore, we truly recommend you to check the aforementioned ways how to get around Gamstop self-exclusion that were already tested by hundreds of UK punters. Although some of the more complicated, there are a couple of ways which required only a few minutes to start playing again. Our top way around self-exclusion is gambling sites not on Gamstop, these reliable and reputable sites have the same software as UK casinos have and additionally, they use innovative payment options and bonus systems. The second way how to get around Gamstop is to create an account for another person, it can be your relatives or friends, if you know that you accidentally self-excluded yourself, you can ask your friends for help and registered new account. However, it is a little complicated because this person can be already registered there, so we recommend you to bypass Gamstop scheme using online casinos not registered with the scheme.

Pros and Cons of Cancelling Gamstop

Gamstop is the best way to fight gambling addiction especially in the internet era, the programme itself is very complex and prevents the participant from gambling on different levels. The only case you should actually consider cancelling the Gamstop programme is when you are absolutely sure that gambling is something that you control and it won’t affect any other aspects of your life. You should stay with Gamstop if you know that you can’t control yourself. [su_table]
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Tested ways 10+
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The Fastest Way Non Gamstop Gamstop

Benefits of Using Ways Around Gamstop

The only natural way to cancel Gamstop is to wait for the end of your self-exclusion period, it might take 6 months, 1 or 5 years depending on your case. As we described above avoiding Gamstop has plenty of different advantages if you are able to control your gambling impulses. However, they are drawbacks to bypassing it and you should be informed about them. The great news is if you decided to get around Gamstop, there are umpteen online casinos which accept you immediately.

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  • You can find new operators. If Gamstop has a hundred members, there are thousands of them outside of the UK and you will find a huge variety of online casinos. Many non UK sites will be available for you without any additional steps. 
  • Gambling is a side income. There are a number of non Gamstop casinos that have good payout ratings. If you know how to gamble and play smart then you may consider cancelling Gamstop self-exclusion as an additional earning. 
  • Play with people from different countries. If you abandon the scheme, you can find international casinos that accept people from different countries and even regions. They do not have to get around Gamstop, because this scheme works only in the UK. Different people play differently and it means that you can get a great experience playing with them.

Drawbacks of Avoiding Gamstop

If you think that you want to cancel Gamstop before the due date, you should know about the disadvantages it would have. You should not hurry and better read more information about the topic, because it may have bad consequences and long-lasting impact. Ask yourself, why do you want to avoid Gamstop and do you need to do it? If you find at least one point where it might be harmful to you, you should stay with Gamstop otherwise, you can try to bypass it.

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  • Racking up huge debts. Never load money for gambling. Gambling is a hobby and you should play only on your own money. You can find plenty of stories when people got a short or long-term loan and it was a disaster
  • Return of your addiction. Gamstop was created for people who have a gambling addiction. If your self-exclusion was not an impulse, you should think about avoiding Gamstop. Probably it will be better to wait until the termination date and try only after it.
  • Unable to prioritise. If you feel like you can’t manage your time properly because of betting, or you play when you should work then you need to think about time management or applications which do not allow you to enter on some resources during the workday. If you get around Gamstop, you need to keep it in mind.

Ways Around Gamstop FAQs

Can I Cancel Gamstop Self-Exclusion?

After you fill and submit your self-exclusion form there is no easy way to undo Gamstop. Unfortunately, you should wait till the end of the exclusion period and only after you can play on UK casinos. However, offshore casinos don’t work with Gamstop and you can play there.

How Can I Get Around Gamstop?

We already described 6 great ways how you can avoid Gamstop. Everything you need is to find the most suitable option for you and try it. You can start your gambling adventure after a few simple steps and return to UK casinos later.

Can I Gamble With Gamstop Self-Exclusion?

Fortunately, you can and now you don’t need to search and try all the ways by yourself. We recommend you to read about our list of casinos not on Gamstop and choose which you like more.

Which Way How To Bypass GamStop Works?

All ways that we described work perfectly. If you can’t decide which one way around Gamstop to choose, we recommend you to choose non Gamstop casinos. Because it is the fastest option and we already collected a great list of them for you.

These Ways Do Not Work For Me, What to Do?

Avoiding Gamstop with offline casinos will work for you if you weren’t excluded by ‘SENSE’.  However, if you already tried every single option then you need to wait until your self-exclusion period ends. Also, demo games are available for you on both UK and non UK casinos.

I Can’t Play Even After My Gamstop Self-Exclusion Period Ended.

You don’t have to think about how to avoid Gamstop when it has already ended. There might be a technical issue, or a casino doesn’t want to accept you back. Some local gambling sites do not want to accept you back even after your timeframe. In this case, you can notify both Gamstop and this site about your problem.

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