UFC Betting Not On GamStop

ufc not on GamStop

Watching mixed martial arts is one of the most thrilling and oftentimes shocking pastimes out there. Even more so if you place a few bets on the side. For those who’ve already registered at a self-exclusion platform, the logical choice are sites with bets on UFC not on GamStop framework. But, there’s a plethora of choices out there and many newcomers find it difficult to kick things off.

If you’re among them, you’re at the right place because we’re here to give you a closer look at the best sportsbooks now with GamStop system. After two weeks of thorough research, we’re ready to show you the top picks and what exactly we used to rank them.

List of the Best Non GamStop UFC Betting Sites

How We Rate Non GamStop UFC Sportsbooks

Our reviewing process is complex, yet offers readers insight into the good and bad characteristics of each operator. Our non-GamStop coverage is based on more than a year’s worth of research. It takes anywhere between 2 to 4 weeks to dissect a single betting platform. The key criteria we use are as follows:

Range of UFC Competitions

UFC Fight Nights are obviously the bread and butter in this category. But, there’s more to mixed martial arts than UFC. The MMA section typically includes other professional fighting organisations too, including Bellator, AMC, RIZIN, and good old boxing as well.

Live Streaming of UFC Fights

UFC fights (and MMA fights in general) are massively sought-after events. Unfortunately, the rights to stream them are quite expensive too, so you won’t find livestream integrations on many platforms – only the chosen ones.

Variety of UFC Betting Options

The MMA betting category isn’t that similar to standard sports betting categories like football and basketball. Yes, match-winners exist here too, but bets like method of victory, total rounds, and double chance enjoy massive popularity. That’s why our list only consists of brands that are known for having a healthy variety of UFC betting options.

UFC-Oriented Promotions

According to our tests, all online bookmakers these days have special welcome bonuses for sports betting enthusiasts. But, an increasing number of MMA-friendly brands have started featuring UFC-oriented promos too. These deals are exclusive to the MMA/UFC section, bringing forth massive boosts to new and regular customers alike.

Popular GamStop-Free UFC Betting Markets

UFC betting enthusiasts are some of the neediest folks out there. Luckily, bookies tend to deliver on their expectations. That said, you can expect a plethora of betting markets on the aforementioned sites. Match-winners are ever-present, but you’ll also find a whole heap of props and totals too. Some of the most popular UFC betting markets are as follows:

Prop Bets

Lots of players only bet on UFC props. Here are a few examples of sweet UFC prop bets you can explore and bet on:

  • Fighter A to win by Decision/Submission/KO
  • Fight ends by Decision/Submission/KO
  • Fight ends in round 1/2/3
  • Fighter A to win in round 1/2/3

Total Rounds Over/Under

These bets are all about guessing how many rounds the match will last. The bookie specifies the average and you have to guess whether or not the winner will be decided earlier or later. Here’s what these bets look like:

  • Fighter A vs Fighter B Total Rounds 2.5:
    • Under 2.5 1.90
    • Over 2.5 1.90

Method of Victory

Method of victory is one of the most common UFC specials you’ll find on non-GamStop betting sites. They couldn’t be any simpler – all you have to do is guess how the winning fighter will end up winning the match. There are three potential outcomes: decision, submission, and KO. Each will have different odds and values, depending on the fighters at play.

Round Betting

We already talked about this earlier. This is one of the most common props – it requires bettors to correctly guess which round will be the final round of the fight. It adds an extra element of thrill and precision to UFC betting, which is the main reason behind its popularity.

Match Winner (Moneyline)

This one needs no further explanation, right? Moneylines AKA match-winners represent the basic sports betting market and are present in virtually every sport you can bet on. If you place a moneyline, you have to guess the winner. Nothing else matters. As long as you guess the winner, you’ll win your bet.

Alternative Sports to UFC Not On GamStop

UFC is one of the most entertaining and thrilling sports betting categories out there. There’s no point denying that – nothing beats the thrilling experience people get when they bet on UFC not on GamStop framework. But, other sports betting disciplines tend to offer good value from time to time. This makes them well worth exploring. Here’s what we’re referring to:

Q&A About Sports Betting Sites With UFC Not On GamStop

What types of UFC bets are commonly available on non-GamStop platforms?

Usually, non-GamStop betting sites feature several specials to go alongside their UFC totals and match-winners. We’re referring to round-based betting, method of victory, and combinations. For instance, you can bet on the fighter to win and his method of victory.

What are specific bonuses and promotions for UFC betting on non-GamStop platforms?

Welcome promotions are the first thing you should claim when registering at an online sports betting site. These days, though, you might stumble upon bookies that feature UFC-specific promotions too. We’re talking about deals like free UFC bets, cashbacks within the UFC section, and good old deposit matches that can be used within the category.

Are there any restrictions for UK bettors on non-GamStop UFC betting sites?

While there might be restrictions and soft caps for withdrawals (a common thing on Curacao-licensed bookmakers), you won’t have issues with the GamStop framework. So, if you’ve self-excluded from UK-based brands, the aforementioned platforms will bring a touch of fresh air to your UFC betting cravings.

Can I place bets on multiple UFC fights at once?

Yes, you can. You can either place them separately, which is what we warmly advise if you’re just starting out… of you can place them in an accumulator. If you do that, keep in mind that all of your bets need to win for your accumulator to win. The risk with accumulators is massive, but so is the potential payout.

What payment methods are commonly accepted for deposits and withdrawals on non-GamStop UFC betting sites?

You’ll find plenty of e-wallets including the most popular options like Skrill and Neteller. Visa and Mastercard are typically accepted too, alongside Discover and other credit card brands. Cryptocurrencies are widely accepted as well, if you’re into that sort of stuff.