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Content and Services

All content found on the site is completely informational. We do not operate as an online casino and we do not share financial advice or process financial transactions. We do not offer any guarantees or any warranties regarding the content here and the links to other sites.

We recommend you check the local gambling rules in your country before starting to gamble online. It is your responsibility to know the law and any requirements you must meet. You agree that the site doesn’t guarantee the accuracy of the information and these can be changed at any given moment.

All types of gambling are a risk so you may lose your money. We are not responsible for your losses in any way. We are not responsible for legal actions from the casino where you will play.

We do promote gambling. However, we do not promote gambling in which a player can lose more money than he can afford. These may include slots, poker, table games, and others. Your gambling actions are your decision and we do not cover take any responsibility.

The site doesn’t take any responsibility for data errors that may happen on the site including pages, content, and more. You must check out and evaluate all the possible risks before accessing the site and using it.

Your Responsibility

All users must be 18 years of age or older. Accessing the site if you are under specified age is strictly forbidden. Using the site is only allowed for personal purposes. Using it for non-commercial purposes is acceptable; as well. Using the site for commercial purposes isn’t accepted. You must not use the site, content, services, or any information found here for illegal purposes. Using these for unauthorized purposes is forbidden as well.

Denial of Responsibilities

Users will accept the site and its content at their own risk. We are not responsible for anything that may or may not happen while your browser is set to the site. We do not guarantee that there are no errors on the site that may be linked to content, images, pages, or categories. We do not guarantee that the site doesn’t contain viruses, malware, or anything similar.

Proprietary Rights

All the content is our property and it is copyrighted. Users and visitors must not copy, borrow or try to change the content in any way. If you would like to use our content, you must contact the customer team and get written consent. Without it, we will take legal action against you if we detect our content on your personal page or website.

Unauthorized Activity

By accepting the site you agree that you will not harm it in any way. This is related to hacking, disabling features, deleting content/pages, and anything else that may affect the site in any negative way. If we detect any form of unauthorized activity, your account will be terminated and we will take legal action against you.

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The site will share and reveal links to other websites on the web. We do not take any responsibility for what will happen at those sites. You visit and use them at your own risk. All users accept this policy once they click on the third-party site or content.

3rd Party Gaming Sites

We share links and other content to various gambling sites. You accept all of these at your own risk. By clicking on those links you accept:

  • You access the site from the location where online gambling is legal and allowed.
  • You are aged according to the local laws that allow you to gamble.
  • You are aware of all additional and legal requirements that are valid and applicable to your jurisdiction.
  • You have checked and you comply with all the rules, requirements, and regulations provided at the gambling site.
  • You understand that online gambling may give you profit or cause loss and you accept these outcomes as your responsibility.


Accepting, browsing, and using the site is not covered by any guarantees. We do not provide a guarantee that you will find specifics you need, be protected, or that there won’t be any errors. You accept the complete risk that may be present while visiting and using the site.

We are not responsible for your losses, your protection, or your privacy. We assume you have read the terms and conditions and privacy policy page on the site here and you accepted them. We do not cover nor accept any other form of guarantee.


By visiting and using the site you agree to free all employees, agents, directors, customers, contractors, consumers, and all others from all lawsuits, actions, claims, and any other form of legal claims that are based on the site and connect you two. The connection applies to you, the use of the site, and any data or any information you got here.

Complaint Procedure

If you, the user have any complaints regarding the content and that it violates any intellectual property rights or human rights in any way, be free to contact us and alert us using the contact form featured on the site. We will act accordingly.

Changing the Terms

We have the full right to modify, change and update terms and conditions at any given moment. All users have the responsibility to check the terms and conditions each time they visit the site and make sure they have remained the same or they are changed. By visiting the site you accept this responsibility.

Intellectual Property Rights

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