Rugby Not On GamStop

rugby not on GamStop

Whether you’re an experienced punter or a complete rookie, betting on rugby is thrilling and increasingly popular. If you’re taking part in a GamStop self-exclusion scheme, you will be restricted from wagering with some UK-based rugby bookmakers. However, there are alternative options for betting on rugby not on GamStop available to UK players.

If you’re in search of non GamStop betting platforms, you need to look no further. We’ll provide you with a choice of reliable and independent sites which accept self-excluded UK players. However, make sure to keep track of your gambling and place wagers in a responsible and controlled manner. That way you can enjoy the thrill and excitement of betting on rugby matches without potentially harmful consequences.

List Of The Best Non GamStop Rugby Betting Sites In The UK

How We Rate Non GamStop Rugby Bookies

Besides their safety and trustworthiness, there are several elements we take into account when rating bookmakers with non GamStop rugby. To get the best out of your betting experience, you’d want to find a website with multiple betting options and a variety of rugby events to choose from.

Range of Rugby Tournaments

Quality rugby bookmakers are recognised by a wide range of rugby championships included in their offer. This refers to the most popular international tournaments, such as the Rugby World Cup and the Six Nations Championship, as well as the most renowned national leagues.

Live Streaming of Rugby Matches

If you’ve placed a wager on a rugby match, following the result live is especially thrilling. As rugby is a dynamic and high-scoring game, your luck can change anytime. Popular rugby betting sites usually allow you to follow the results of all their featured matches in real time, as well as to place bets live.

Variety of Rugby Betting Options

Choosing a handicap or betting on the underdog? Strong favourites are usually given a handicap – a hypothetical disadvantage to overcome. The most straightforward option to opt for is match betting. Other options include over-under bets and tournament winner bets. The more betting options, the more interesting the betting experience.

Promotions Tailored for Rugby Events

Sports betting bookies can offer dedicated promotions and bonuses for particular sporting events. For rugby, you might be presented with special offers such as extra time bet extensions and rugby betting boosts. However, most websites also feature tempting welcome bonuses and general sports promotions that you can apply to your rugby wagers.

Non GamStop Rugby Tournaments for Betting in the UK

Originating from England, rugby is an increasingly popular sport played all over the globe. You can place wagers on international tournaments such as the Rugby World Cup, but you can also opt for renowned national leagues. Here’s some basic info about popular tournaments for rugby betting not on GamStop to help you make an informed bet.

Rugby World Cup

The Rugby World Cup is an international men’s rugby tournament played every four years. Winners of this prestigious tournament are rugby union world champions. The last Rugby World Cup, which took place in France in 2023, was the tenth such championship, won by the South African national team. The Rugby World Cup is the third largest global sports event, running for seven weeks.

Six Nations Championship

The Six Nations Championship is an annual men’s rugby union tournament played between the national teams of England, France, Ireland, Italy, Scotland and Wales. The last tournament was played in February-March 2023 and won by Ireland. Due to the Guinness sponsorship, sometimes you’ll find it under the name of the Guinness Six Nations.

English Premiership

The English rugby union premiership is officially called Gallagher Premiership Rugby or the Gallagher Premiership. It’s the top rugby division in England, featuring 10 clubs. It’s one of the most renowned rugby championships in the world, with its clubs qualifying for the European Rugby Champions Cup and the European Rugby Challenge Cup. Saracens, a professional rugby club from London, are the current champions.

Asia Rugby Championship

The Asia Rugby Championship, abbreviated as ARC, is among the oldest international tournaments in professional rugby. Between 2008 and 2014, it was known as the Asian Five Nations. It’s held annually and its contestants are teams from the Asia Rugby region. Japan is the most victorious team in the history of this tournament, winning as many as 25 titles.

Alternative Sports to Rugby Not On GamStop

Now that you’re familiar with the best non-GamStop rugby betting sites, you might wonder about similar websites for alternative sports. Punters who enjoy the thrill of rugby wagers might also be interested in boxing, cricket, or football. Check out the list below for non GamStop betting sites that will provide you with a smooth and enjoyable betting experience.


Rugby is a thrilling sport to wager on, whether you’re an expert or a beginner. It’s dynamic, fast-paced, and increasingly popular. However, if you’re a self-excluded person, you might be prevented from accessing some rugby betting websites in the UK.

As we’ve shown you, you can still access some alternative non GamStop sites, such as Goldenbet, FreshBet, MyStake, and Rolletto. Their offers include international and national rugby championships, live streaming, and varied betting options. Make sure to keep your wagering habits in control to enjoy a safe and seamless betting experience. Have you already started placing your winning wager?

Popular Questions About Betting on Rugby Not On GamStop

How does betting on rugby not on GamStop differ from traditional sports betting?

Betting on rugby is an exciting type of wagering, as it’s a very fast-paced and high-scoring game. The results can change rapidly and draws are quite rare, which adds to the overall thrill. If you bet on rugby with non GamStop bookies, you can enjoy uninterrupted access while in self-exclusion.

What are the advantages of choosing rugby betting sites not on GamStop?

If you’re self-excluded with GamStop, you won’t be granted access to rugby betting on many UK-based betting sites. Choosing a non GamStop website will allow you to place your rugby wager with a trusted bookie, while enjoying multiple benefits and reaping profit.

Are there any rugby-focused promotions, such as free bets or cashback, on these platforms?

Non-GamStop platforms offer various welcome bonuses, as well as promotions and free bets for registered users. Special offers tend to be aimed at general sports betting, but sometimes you might come across special rugby offers, such as extra time bet extensions and rugby betting boosts.

What types of bets can I place on rugby not on GamStop platforms?

If you’re placing a rugby wager, you can usually choose between match betting, handicap betting, and over-under betting on the total number of points scored during the match. You might also choose to place a bet on the outright winner of a tournament or championship.

Are there any restrictions on rugby betting options for players registered with GamStop?

Players registered with GamStop will usually be denied access to UK-based rugby betting sites. However, if they opt for a betting site not on GamStop, such as the ones recommended above, they will face no restrictions. Non-GamStop rugby bookies provide all players with a range of tournaments and betting options.

Can I find live betting options for rugby matches on non-GamStop platforms?

Yes, bookmakers not on GamStop will provide you with live streaming and live betting options, which makes the betting experience all the more exciting. Follow the match live and wager on the result in real time! Betting odds can change in live betting, so you might reap a bigger reward.

How do non-GamStop rugby betting sites handle withdrawals and deposits?

Non-GamStop rugby bookies accept a wide range of payment methods and currencies for easy and smooth withdrawals and deposits. Their biggest advantage is accepting cryptocurrencies, which means that your money transfers can be fast and completely anonymous. If you prefer traditional payment methods, that’s also an option.