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offshore betting sites

With the rapid growth of gambling industries it only makes sense that more and more offshore betting sites would appear to attract the bigger audience. A lot of UK punters find such gambling sites more and more appealing as they provide more features than regular sites, moreover, it is a possibility to earn more money and place bigger bets because these operators shouldn’t lower the limits as UKGC licensed sites might have to. Also for promotional purposes, offshore sports websites offer multiple welcome bonuses to increase the amount of players. Saying that you should be very careful choosing such booking sites as you might fall a victim of a scam.

Therefore we have created this post to overview all the best proposals on the market that do not fall under the category of UK casinos not affected by Gamstop. As always we have checked all the offshore bookies to make a top list so that you do not have to waste your time and start enjoying the gaming experience right away. We have collected the gambling websites that offer you the most generous welcome bonuses, have a wide range of games and fall under some regulatory commission other than UKGC regulation to eliminate the future issues if it comes to it.

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All Offshore Sportsbooks

Let’s make a more clear definition on offshore bookmakers. These are the websites that have been founded not in the UK and acquired their license from some other country. The main purpose of doing so is to have more freedom to create something that would be almost the same as in the founder’s vision. That includes the variety of games, limits on bets, methods for deposit and withdrawal of the money and all the other things that would make playing on such a site more convenient. In the realities of a competitive market, it might get to the point that such a market is overflown with offers and these offers might be of questionable quality. For this very reason, it is crucial to make sure that UK bookmakers not registered with Gamstop are a real deal and there is no way you can get tricked into losing your money. We have created an extensive review page for different categories and to suffice all the needs for people that are looking for the best sites to play and it only made sense to create the same page for offshore gambling operators.

Best Offshore Bookmakers

In this section we are going to provide you with a list of offshore betting websites based on the information we have collected after reviewing a huge amount of online bookies. The main intention is to save punter’s time on checking all the available websites available on the Internet and also we are giving away online bookmakers with a free welcome bonus so you do not have to waste your money while deciding if a given bookmaker is something you have been looking for or not. Not all the offshore gambling websites are offering bonuses without the first deposit but even in this case, we tried to find sites that would give you the sweetest welcome bonuses. Without further adieu here is the list of best websites you can try your luck.

Harry’s Sportsbook

It is safe to say that Harry’s Sportsbook is a top-notch offshore betting site designed to meet all the needs of the punters. This site offers somewhere about 2000 games. Also, you can place a bet on more than 20 kinds of sports games. As for the players from the United Kingdom, the most popular game is football we are pleased to tell that football betting without Gamstop is also available for anyone to bet on. Also to make the process more entertaining Harry’s Sportsbook offers live feed from the most important games in any kind of sports, betting on hundreds of outcomes even midterm.

Red Lion Bookmaker

Yet another incredible offshore gambling site that kept in mind that the most important part is the gaming experience. Also to make the life of punters more comfortable they have implemented really great withdrawal options, as well as sign up process. Also it worth taking under consideration that there are some extra benefits for anyone who is willing to play with their bitcoins. You should not be bothered with the currency you are making your bets with as this bettings site has a huge support list of currencies. At the end with the amount of trustworthy game providers that are in partnership with this site, it might be your best pick amongst other independent online bookmakers.

Jackpot Charm Bookie

This is the site that contains everything you look for in offshore bookies: easy sign-up process, intuitive user interface, secured and reliable payment options, welcome bonuses and huge interest in making online betting more interesting. Also, it is one of the Curacao gambling sites meaning that it has a Curacao gambling license and you can be confident in the trustworthiness of this bookie. The limitations are not as heavy as provided by UKGC so there is always more room to play for anyone who is trying to find ways how to bypass self-exclusion.

Fortune Clock Sportsbook

It is hard to overestimate how the online gambling industry evolved during these years and Fortune Clock Sportsbook is living proof of that. They are always trying to improve the performance of their product using cutting-edge technologies and software developed by the best software companies in the world. And if you are looking for new options for offshore online bettings then try this: they even have their own mobile app which would allow you to place your bets from everywhere. Customer service is also available for anyone who is having troubles with the betting site.

24Monaco Bookmaker

Another great example of the site that is adamant about the fact that there is always someplace for improvement. Not only do they have a mobile-friendly site which already makes this offshore bookmaker very appealing but also they have already created their own mobile app to make the gambling experience even more pleasant. Also, they do provide real-person customer support so none punter’s issue would be left unprocessed. We have already recommended this site as a great pick amongst independent casino websites and now it is time to say that there is a huge potential in being one of the best offshore bookmakers.

How We Rate Offshore Gambling Sites

Now let’s make it more clear on how we pick the best offshore betting sites with all the choices available on the Internet. It is always a good idea to check reviews for any given bettings site but it would be the same as looking at the palace from only one angle. In our case, before recommending any gambling platform we are trying to measure the quality of such platforms from different perspectives. Because in the end, all the little tiny details that we might not see from the very beginning are making the product great. For example to make sure that the betting website is of great quality we need to check if the sign-up process is smooth or whether the website is optimised enough to be able to play from a mobile device with comfort. Here is the list of other things we check before making a decision.

Software Providers

In order to understand the quality of the offshore betting site the first thing we try to find out is the software companies that provide games to given platforms. It is very important to understand if the software company that developed games for the site is trustworthy and produces high-quality products and if not it might lead to security vulnerabilities and potential loss of money. So whenever we see that a software provider is a great company like Netent Casinos Not on GamStop we can trust more the offshore betting site itself.

Payment Methods

Whenever it comes to deposit or withdrawal of money from betting sites the most important thing is having a great choice of payment methods. Multiple payment options support attracts more people as everyone has their own preferences on how to pay for the fun. With the recent rise in popularity of bitcoin as a standalone currency more and more bitcoin betting operators appear so some level of privacy can be offered to customers. The second thing to check is whether payment transactions are encrypted or not. But in order for betting sites to be able to perform payment operations, all the major payment operators have compliance requirements that must be met.


Another crucial thing to consider, because offshore bookies can be as secure as possible and provide seamless user experience but in the very end it is about the variety of games that you can play. In case of betting games, we know that for UK punters we need to make sure that horse racing without Gamstop is a must, but we also make sure that the choice is not limited to it. Also, we try to make sure that if you want to make a pause you might want to check out all the other games available on the site like poker, blackjack, bingo.


Bonuses are very popular between offshore gambling operators because it is an easy way to become more visible amongst other betting sites. And whenever we are writing a review we want to make sure that you will make the most out of this bonus. First of all, we always try to check for gambling platforms that offer no deposit bonus without Gamstop which would allow players to choose just the right gambling website without actually spending any money.

General Information about Offshore Gambling Operators

Offshore online bookmakers are the operators that are located in different countries where creating business is a little bit easier than in other countries. Also, it is easier to acquire the license and such license is not as strictly regulated as in the UK for example. But that does not mean that there are none. Some of the gambling operators cannot even provide services to the players from countries that restrict interactions with offshore betting sites, otherwise, they might lose the license. Also for the most part operators are not participating in Gamstop program which means that anyone can fall back into the old gambling habit. But for anyone who is confident in their will and ability to stop when needed it is a great choice because generally speaking in such a highly competitive market any operator would do almost anything to attract more people to sign up. As a result, we can see that almost any betting bookie is eager to offer some sort of a bonus and the only thing for users left to do is just get the bonus and read wagering requirements very carefully.

Advantages of Offshore Betting Sites

Before considering to play on any offshore bookies it is very important to consider the pros and cons. No matter how great the offer looks it is worth thinking about the advantages and disadvantages of the choice especially when it comes to money:

  • Allow Credit cards: UK gambling operators do not accept credit cards but it is not the case for offshore bookmakers that accept credit cards. In case you don’t have any other ways to deposit money it might be the only way to do so, also keeping in mind that you can control your gambling urges.
  • No Verification Required: There is no need to provide any sort of ID so you can be sure that some level of privacy is being preserved. No ID verification bookmakers is a great option for people who do not want to share their identity and also want to play on high-quality gambling sites..
  • Frequent Releases: to keep the interest of players great offshore operators made it as a rule to keep updating the variety of games so the customer would not go to new sportsbooks not registered with Gamstop

Disadvantages of Offshore Sportsbooks

As it happens in real life all the time it is not all that bright and shiny with offshore betting. It is always about reading everything even in the tiniest font because not really trustworthy bookmakers are always on the market trying to get their share using shady methods. So here are the things we would like to warn you about:

  • Fewer Limits: there is almost no limit on how much money you can bet on a single outcome. These no limit betting sites might be very dangerous for anyone who does not know when to stop.
  • Hard to find popular games: It might be a little bit hard to find a specific game that you can see on other mainstream betting sites. As an example, plenty of British punters are looking for poker sites not blocked by Gamstop and only a few offshore bookmakers could offer them this option.
  • Do not Work with Gamstop: Those bookies do not participate in Gamstop program so for anyone who is trying to fight the gambling addiction and get off Gamstop is the most basic way to do so and being able to still play on other platforms might a great disadvantage.
  • Not Included in Gamban: All these bookmakers not registered with Gamban, and yet again it might be a huge obstacle for anyone who tries to fight their old habits.

Offshore Gambling Sites FAQ

Is It Legal To Bet With Offshore Sportsbooks?

It depends on the country you are located in but offshore betting is not illegal itself you just need to choose wisely the bookie you are going to play with.

What is the best offshore betting site?

There are a lot of betting sites that could fall under this category and we already provided a list of great options above. Just pick one and check it out yourself.

Are Offshore Bookies Licensed?

It depends on the betting site but any trustworthy platform should have a license like Curacao or MGA license.

Is it secure to place bets there for UK players?

It is great to check out the reviews and general vibe of players that have been already playing on the site. Also you need to make sure that bookies site that you are willing to try should definitely have a gambling license.

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