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Our site is mainly observing online casinos not registered on Gamstop, and in case you are part of the programme there are plenty of sites you can join right away. It is also the case for anyone who is particularly into poker. Almost every single site mentioned on this website has different kinds of online poker of any taste. In this post we will be mainly focusing on the UK poker sites not on Gamstop. This post will be useful to those who have joined the Gamstop self-exclusion by mistake but still want to play online. It is also worth mentioning that all the poker websites mentioned below are regulated and have a license issued by some country. We take this matter seriously. There are many interesting facts about non Gamstop poker rooms and our team created the guide with all the important information. Now let’s find out what we can offer you today:

  • Which poker sites are not on Gamstop;
  • The features of non gamstop poker rooms;
  • How the UK regulates poker;
  • Important news about poker tournaments and features.

List of Non Gamstop Poker Sites 2020

These are online poker sites not on Gamstop that have a vast variety of poker games to offer. Also, it is very easy to find exactly what you need. Just decide for yourself whether you want to start playing on low or high stakes or there might be even a chance that you would like to join a poker tournament. To make such a decision we will discover for you all hints and tips in our post whether it is a poker loyalty scheme or other nice things to get while playing on poker sites not registered on Gamstop.

Poker Sites for Gamstop Scheme Participants

It might be the case that you joined a self-exclusion programme by mistake or you are having difficulties cancelling the subscription to Gamstop programme after your period has already expired. So to play again it might take a considerable amount of time for you to search the Internet and find the one poker site that is not on part of Gamstop and is not regulated by UK Gambling Commission license. Also, it might be hard to find one and only poker site that would suffice your vision of the perfect poker game.

The other thing that could bring you to this site is that you are afraid of becoming a subject of fraudulent activity and might be seeking for the best poker site that does not require I.D. verification. Also, it is also nice to find poker sites not registered with Gamstop that would allow you to withdraw your prize as quickly as possible because for the most part getting your winning money comes with a huge list of restrictions and regulations.

If you are a fan of betting and a really smart punter you might find helpful our separate post on top UK non Gamstop betting sites. Hopefully, you will find it most helpful in finding the best betting sites with hundreds of types of bets to place.

Non Gamstop Poker Sites Features

poker sites not on gamstop features

There are two things that poker players find in this game so exciting. It is the fact that you can play on real money and try your skills in real poker tournaments. But all the fun does not end up here. You will be thrilled to find out that there is a vast variety of features available for players on any poker site not on Gamstop described in this post. Let’s start from the very beginning. First and foremost thing you will need to start playing poker is money. But don’t worry in case you are not sure that the poker site you visited is the one you actually need, you can get a nice sign-up bonus to start with and check if this online poker site not on Gamstop suffices all your needs. The other thing to consider is a rake which might be something to think of before starting to play a game. Don’t worry here you will find poker sites with lowest rakes, which will allow you to sit at the table for a longer time. Also, your deposit option got to be huge so it should not matter for you whether you want to make a big or small first deposit.

UK Regulations on Gambling

If you had plans on playing poker online you might be interested in types of rules and regulations active in the UK. All the gambling activities are regulated by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission. The first thing to know is that all the poker sites situated in the UK must have a license issued by this very institution and also have to become a part of GamStop scheme. Otherwise, these UK poker sites are operating without the licence.

The second thing to know is that if you want to play poker on an online poker site you must be of legal age – 18 years. This is due to the fact that real money are involved in poker and there might be a problem for an underaged person to fall into a gambling habit.

Also with the most recent laws, it is now regulated in what ways you can deposit and withdraw money from online poker sites. The most interesting part of this law is that you cannot use a credit card anymore, so in case you want to deposit money using a credit card, it will not be possible anymore.

For additional information, you can always visit Gov.UK and find all the latest changes in laws and how the gambling industry is regulated in the United Kingdom.

Poker Regulations in UK

Poker game is one of the oldest card games and had its fanbase growing for a lot of years. The game became so popular that now you can find more than a handful of different variations of this game. It was once a classy game with exclusive private clubs built only to play poker there. But these days you can try your luck by playing poker on your own mobile phone. And since the 60’s of the previous century a lot of gambling acts were established. It was done to keep up with the trends of that time led by Las Vegas. Online gambling became available for everyone in the early 2000s. To be able to operate such sites companies had to acquire related licenses. It was made to make sure that both sides are playing fair.

Poker Licenses

Licenses for gambling ventures were introduced to make sure that all the poker websites are operating legally and are not engaged in fraudulent activities. Such actions took place also to ensure that all the gambling companies are paying taxes and contribute to the UK’s prosperity.

United Kingdom Gambling Commission

The only license that would allow you to operate legally on the grounds of the UK is the one that is issued from UKGC. This commission was founded in the early 2000s to ensure that everyone is operating under the law. UKGC regulates all kinds of gambling activities from poker to National Lottery. Gambling Act is the source of truth when it comes to decide whether the poker site operates legally or not.

To be able to open your own poker site the license from UKGC is not the only one that would allow you to operate. A lot of other countries can issue licenses that would allow you to create online poker sites.

Organizations that provide help for UK players

supporting organisations for UK poker players

Although the existence of UKGC is very important it is worth mentioning that this institution is working on a higher level and cannot provide help for everyone in person. For that very reason there are several organizations that were found to help anyone in need whether it is a fraudulent activity from a poker room or you are having troubles with gambling.


Gamstop was founded in 2018. This is a self-exclusion programme for anyone who tries to stop gambling online. It is available for anyone who wants to join the programme especially for those who became addicted to gambling. It is recently was decided that in order to acquire license from UK Gambling Commission you must become a part of NonGamstop programme so any person that has joined self-exclusion programme couldn’t play on your poker sites. The commission and programme itself has proven to be very successful and helped a lot of people that try to fight their gambling addiction.

Be Gamble Aware

BeGambleAware is a 24/7 assistance service that provides help for anyone in need. Just call the number or enter live chat if you or someone you care for have recently had problems with gambling.


It is one of the most famous commissions created to provide for anyone who has some sorts of an argument with a poker site. You can seek help here for multiple reasons whether it is a problem with withdrawing money or troubles with the money you have already deposited to the poker site.

Poker Tournaments and Poker Tables Explained

Whenever you try to find poker sites not registered on Gamstop you should not live under the assumption that these sites are lame and there is not much to do. On the contrary these sites are so interested in finding new audiences that they work tirelessly to provide new features and expand the variety of poker games they provide.

Be sure that you will be able to play not only the most popular kinds of poker like Texas Holdem but many others not open to the broad audience. And this is one more reason to pick a non Gamstop poker site from this post, because a lot of people like to play not mainstream poker games.

Poker tournament is another feature which is by default available on all the poker sites not registered with Gamstop. Knock yourself out and find out who is the best player sitting at the table. Also it is worth mentioning that although it is conventional to pay an entry fee for a poker tournament it is also not something you should worry about, because a lot of these poker tournaments have very low entrance fees. Freeroll is a feature when you do not have to pay to enter a poker tournament at all. Just check the schedule of all the tournaments available for the day a pick a freeroll one.

Available Payment Methods on Non Gamstop Poker Sites

It is pretty common for online poker sites to add commission on withdrawal or deposit of your funds on the resource, therefore you should take your time to find one of the poker sites not blocked by Gamstop that does not require additional funding upon any operations with money.

First of all, if a non Gamstop poker site provides an ability to use a debit card directly it is almost guaranteed that there will not be any additional charges. Also another one of the appealing things about paying with a debit card is that upon withdrawal all the money will go directly to your bank account.

Also it is very likely that the poker sites not registered with Gamstop provided in this article will give you an option to perform payment transactions using all sorts of payment wallets as well as prepaid debit cards.

It is highly unlikely that any online casino will give you a chance to make a deposit using a credit card, due to the regulations. But there is another payment option that became popular in recent years – bitcoin. It will be quite handy for anyone who does not want to share their credentials to bank accounts.

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