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From recent times UK betting sites are obligated to conduct verification of players identity. For many British players who either don’t want to share their personal information with betting companies or afraid that their information may be stolen, it is a major concern. Due to this fact, we can see the rise of UK betting sites that don’t require verification. Those sportsbooks do not ask you to provide your personal identity information and have the same high-quality service as other ones. Most of them are sportsbooks not registered with Gamstop and players choosing end up with those sites.

There might be plenty of reasons why people choose these bookmakers. The absence of verification might help people who are accidentally registered themself in the self-exclusion scheme and do not know to go cancel it, other punters prefer to keep their anonymity or security of their personal or financial data, or just have concerts that betting companies might share their players’ identities. If one of the aforementioned reasons is familiar for you, no verification betting sites is an excellent choice for you.

If it is the first time you hear about such sites and you don’t want to share your identity with them, or you want to find reputable online bookies without verification, you are in the right place. In this article about sports sites you will find:

  • List of all bookmakers without verification;
  • Features of no id sportsbooks;
  • Pros and Cons of these betting sites;
  • Popular Games on no verification betting sites.

List Of Top Betting Sites That Don’t Need Verification

It is not an easy task to find a place where you can bet without sharing your ID. Therefore, after we made a search on all popular sites, we decided to create the biggest list of betting sites that don’t need verification. We believe that every UK bettor shouldn’t spend hours searching for such an easy request and read complicated terms of each bookmaker. With this comprehensive list of sites, you can stop your search and choose the betting platform that suits you.

All these bookmakers without verification welcome UK players who don’t want to follow KYC procedure. It means that the online action you need to do is to complete a simple registration form that does not require your sensitive data and after it, you will be able to play. In addition, these betting sites will be useful for Brits who don’t know how to get around their self-exclusion but don’t have any gambling problems. Another attractive feature of these sportsbooks is a great welcome package with which you can try all interesting games without a huge deposit.

Best Betting Sites Without Verification

Obviously, some betting sites are better than others and our team of experts decided to collect the best online betting sites without verification for UK players. We take into consideration such options like welcome offers, number of games, payout rate, and payment methods like crypto gambling sites. In addition, we believe that another attribute of secure sportsbooks with no verification is a license, so find that majority of sites in our rating are Curacao gambling sites and it means that safety shouldn’t be an issue. We provided the short version of a review on all these online bookmakers, but you can easily find comprehensive reviews on bookie’s personal page and find general information, features, games, and offers in details. If you a new player and don’t know what operator to choose, we recommend you to try this excellent betting sites. Read more about betting sites that don’t require verification:

Fortune Clock Sportsbook

Fortune Clock is one of the no verification betting sites available for UK players. It was founded in 2020 and has Curacao Gambling license. It’s already gained its popularity because of the cool features it offers. First of all, if you are interested in no gamstop no deposit bonus offers then this is one of few bookmakers you can try. Obviously, Fortune Clocks has a good deposit bonus, if you want to find 200% welcome offer or even more, you need to check promo section of this bookie. Secondly, this bookmaker supports a good set of payment options, so it won’t be a problem. Finally, you will find there an excellent set of different games and sports events. We recommend you to try Fortune Clock if you are one of the British players who don’t want to share your ID and want to try a high-quality bookmaker.

Harry’s Bookmaker

Harry’s is an international gambling operator that recognized as a reputable no verification betting sites among British punters. This sportsbook started operating in 2020 and offers attractive odds on all popular sports events. You will be impressed by all the opportunities you will find on Harry’s site, but we will mention the most notable here. First of all, Harry’s is one of the UK gambling operators that offer 500% welcome package for all new players. Secondly, it doesn’t matter what is your favorite sport, Harry’s has odds on football, horse racing, cricket, rugby, basketball, and many other sports events. Finally, existing bettors will find a VIP rewards scheme on this betting site, and it meant that you will have some benefits even after your initial deposit.

Red Lion Bookie

Red Lion is one of the recent secure betting sites without ID verification that provide top-notch betting options for British players. During the last months, this operator became one of the most popular places for people who admire quality service and want to have the best gambling experience. You will be engaged playing on Red Lion sportsbooks because of its excellent customer service, gorgeous offers, and multiple deposit options. It’s an excellent place for people for are looking for bitcoin gambling sites and want to keep their anonymity. If you are interested in sports and want to bet on all the popular events you will this option on Red Lion. It tries to work with both new and existing bettors and constantly update the content on the site. We recommend you to try Red Lion if you are an experienced player and want to play without ID verification.

Jackpot Charm Betting Sites

Jackpot Charm is a UK betting site without verification that started working recently. During this year it became widely recognized among the players who want to play without verification and have the same service as other sites offer. You will plenty of amazing options on this independent gambling sites. First of all, Jackpot Charm can offer you great odds on horse racing, football, and all other popular sports. Secondly, it is a no ID bookmaker that has no deposit bonuses, you can get either free spins or a cash bonus. Even mentioned reasons make Jackpot Charm very competitive on the market, but it isn’t all. For bettors who want to have multiple deposit options Jackpot Charm offer a great set of e-Wallets that you can use for both deposit and withdrawal purposes. Finally, if you are want to play standard games between sports events, you will find an excellent set of casino games from top software providers.

24 Monaco Sportsbook

Another site we would like to talk about is 24 Monaco, we believe that this one should be mentioned because of its excellent customer care. If you are looking for online no verification bookmakers with great payout rate then we recommend you to try 24Monaco. This betting site was launched in 2020 and has lots of similarities with famous Leo 24 Monaco bookmaker. If you are looking for football online betting sites not on Gamstop, want like virtual sports betting, pre-match betting, or any other types of betting you should read our comprehensive review about 24Monaco and visite the platform to find one what it offers in details. We shouldn’t mention that this is one of the best online sportsbooks that don’t need ID verification in the UK that work with BTC and ready to give you 5% cashback. We recommend you to try 24Monaco if you familiar with Leo Monaco, want to find a great set of betting options or just don’t want to share your ID.

Features of Betting Sites with No ID Verification

We understand that it isn’t an easy task to find good betting sites that don’t require verification in the UK. First of all, you need to know that all listed bookmakers are licensed by offshore gambling jurisdiction, like local sites licensed by UKGC, and it means that those bookmakers should be secure. But the biggest difference that these online operators do not ask you to prove your identity and ready to work with you. Our team decided to conduct provide a complete guide of all pros and cons of these betting sites to make it easier to understand all the differences you may find there. If you don’t want to share your information and interested in secure betting sites with on ID verification than scroll and read the guide.

Pros Of Bookies With No Decuments Required

pros of no verification betting sites

The online betting industry is changing and growing in the UK and player who want to be on track and play their favourite games should be aware of all the changes. Obviously, if you don’t want to make the fact that you are a bettor public you will be interested in sports bookies with no documents required. Here we will try to explain to you the main features of these betting sites and why British players choose them.

  • No KYC procedure: Some England players don’t want to share their information with online betting sites for many reasons. Fortunately, you shouldn’t follow the lengthy KYC procedure if you use online betting sites that don’t need verification. This is one of the biggest advantages of the majority of offshore online bookies and UK players admire it.
  • Cards and Cryptocurrency Accepted: UKGC gambling sites aren’t able to accept credit cards from UK players. For many punters, it’s a big problem because that don’t want to change their payment options. Therefore, if you want to use bookmakers that accept credit cards that these operators are suits for you. In addition, a good amount of no ID betting sites allow you to use even cryptocurrency and your payment history will be completely anonymous.
  • High Stakes Bets: While UKGC wants to lower the limits, these betting sites are welcome players who are looking for high stake bets. These bookmakers don’t follow local rules and most of them are ready to accept higher limits. If you are looking for a great betting experience and don’t want to see limitations, you will be happy to try top no verification betting sites.

Cons of Sportsbooks with No Verification Required

cons of bookmakers without ID

Obviously, all betting sites may have drawbacks and these aren’t the exception. Although online betting without ID verification gives you lots of advantages, you need to be informed about all the information about these sites. During the last few years, the UK Gambling Commission works to improve player safety and it means that new restrictions should happen. We will try to explain to you the most important things you may encounter using these sites.

  • Curacao iGaming Licence: the majority of betting sites without ID verification licensed by Curacao authority, it means that these casinos have valid gambling licensed and able to operate on the market. However, UK players can’t receive the same protection as UKGC operators provide. You need to be more careful when you are choosing such bookies.
  • Each site has its own limits: Although there are umpteen no verifications gambling sites, some of them may set the limits extremely low. It’s might be a problem for people who prefer high stakes bets, because the limits can be even lower then the UK gambling commission sites have. When you’re choosing a site you need to read their terms or ask the support.
  • Without Gamstop: as we mentioned earlier, most of the sites without verification have Curacao license and it means that usually, they are gambling sites that aren’t working with Gamstop. It’s a very rare case when an offshore site cooperates with the self-exclusion program. For most of the UK players, it isn’t an issue, but you should be aware of it.
  • AML Procedure On High Checks: In some cases, even online bookies that don’t require verification may you ask so. If you win a big bank in your favourite sports, they would ask you to prove your identity, because it’s the only way to be sure that your account wasn’t stolen. Be aware of it when you make big withdrawal operations.

The Most Popular Options At No Verification Betting Sites

Often UK punters can’t understand what types of sports events they can find on the best no verification betting sites. Usually, you will have the same options as you had on UKGC sites, but in this case, you haven’t to provide your identity documents. In general, these sites have all popular type of sports in the UK and you are free to bet there. It doesn’t matter you are looking for basketball, football, cricket, or famous horse racing, you will find it on online bookmakers that don’t require verification. These operators usually use the same software providers as other sites use. It means that their set of games at least the same as usual, and sometimes even bigger because they cover multiple countries.

Horse Racing

Horse racing is one of the oldest and most elite sports in the UK. There are many players who are looking for good horse racing sites without Gamstop and it isn’t surprising. Usually, this sport attracts players by its complicated rules and traditions, horse racing definitely isn’t a good choice for new punters, because you need to know the breeds, jockeys, and other variables before bets. People who like horse racing usually looking for no ID verification sportsbooks that allow high stakes, because major events are rare and they need to have an ability to bet where they want.


Obviously, football is the most popular sport in the world. Millions of bettors follow worldwide tournaments and use reputable football sportsbooks not blocked by Gamstop. The majority of bookmakers include football on their pages because they know what people looking for. English players who don’t want to share their ID will easily find lots of online betting sites that don’t need verification with attractive offers and interesting design.


Another great sport is tennis, it has millions of fund around the world and multiple worldwide tournaments. There are a few popular tennis bookmakers not on Gamstop on the Internet and you are welcome to bet there. Many of these sites follow UKGC rules, but you have been able to find a couple of good online betting operators without verification and UK players are welcome to play there. If you follow this sport and don’t want to miss any more tournaments, don’t hesitate and pick your bookie right now.


Rugby is an excellent type of sport if you like contact type of sports, there are many leagues in the UK, like Rugby League or Rugby Union. We already collected a list of great UK rugby sportsbooks not registered with Gamstop for you. We think that rugby isn’t a sport for bettors without experience if you aren’t familiar how to odds works you may lose your money. We recommend you to read more about this popular sport and only after it starts players. You don’t need to rush there are many rugby betting sites that don’t want your ID documents.


Although basketball is much more popular in the US than the UK, still we see thousands of players who decided to bet on this type of sport. You can easily find a great list of non Gamstop basketball betting sites where you find more about the popular tournament, leagues, and recent news. If you are a real basketball lover and don’t want to share your ID, you are free to play on gambling sites that don’t require your documents.

Types of Gambling Sites With No Verification

types of no id bookmakers

Today more and more Brits are looking for gambling sites with no verification, but before you pick your site you need to know that these sites have different types and features. It will be much better to understand for you the type of gambling sites not affected by Gamstop you are looking for and only after start players. The features vary from no deposit bonuses to low wager requirements, from cryptocurrency sportsbooks to credit card sites. We recommend you to read more about all the types of gambling sites that don’t need verification and only after you find your ideal site start playing.

No Deposit Sportsbooks

If you don’t know which bookmaker to choose or want to try multiple gambling sites that don’t want your ID documents, then probably you need to try no deposit bookmakers not blocked by Gamstop. You will get your free bonus immediately after registration without any verification, deposits, or other complicated things. You can you these fund to great real money and withdraw them after you meet wagering requirements.

  • Don’t need to provide bank details: You don’t need to provide your bank details or any other payment options to receive your bonus for free. Immediately after sign-up, you can start betting on such sites. You can either get a cash bonus or some free spins and use this fund to explore what this gambling site has to offer.
  • Higher Wagering Requirments: Usually, such gambling sites have higher wagering requirements on this free bonus. The reason is simple, some players try to trick the operator and withdraw the fund without any actions. Fortunately, it’s almost impossible to trick an operator today and they continue offering this great feature for new players.
  • Mandatory verification on withdrawal: As we mentioned earlier, because of some dishonest players such gambling operators have to check your identity before the withdrawal. Otherwise, you will be able to withdraw free bonus multiple times. However, usually, you don’t need to provide you ID documents if you hadn’t used this bonus before.

No Sign Up Gambling Sites

As you understand from the name, it’s possible to find no ID betting sites that don’t require registration. You can find a list of best online casinos that don’t ask your documents and bet there almost immediately. More and more people choose such sites because it is much simpler to play when you know that nobody knows your personal information.

  • Pay N’ Play (Trustly Platform): Trustly is a very famous British payment platform that makes it easy to use gambling sites that don’t ask your documents. It’s a secure, fast and popular company that operates in multiple European countries and allow you to bet with our Bank ID. It means that you don’t share your documents with multiple operators, but authenticate via Trustly.
  • Weak Bonus Offers: Unfortunately, most popular no id gambling sites may be very strict on offers. They don’t welcome you with big bonuses and usually, you need to play on real money. The biggest operators aren’t really interested in how to attract new customers and for best bonuses, you need to find smaller ones.
  • Restricted for UK customers: The majority of no ID verification gambling platforms don’t work with British players. They work with multiple European countries, but because of complicated verification laws in the UK, it’s almost impossible to find such sites.

Cryptocurrency Bookmakers

Cryptocurrencies are growing rapidly in the world and it is obvious that you can see more and more crypto betting sites that available in the UK. British players use such sites because cryptocurrency is completely anonymous and you don’t need to share your personal information on such bookies. In addition, such bookies offer you instant deposit and withdrawal options and you can start bet immediately.

  • Fast Payout: Crypto sportsbooks don’t process your transaction through bank and it means that you will have instant payment without any rejections and delays. It’s an excellent choice for Brits who want both stay anonymous and don’t share this information with their bank.
  • Without geographical restrictions: With instant payout, you will get rid of any geographical restrictions. It means that crypto sportsbooks work with multiple countries and as this is an anonymous payment method you won’t have any restrictions. Such operators work with overseas customers and accept their payments without any restrictions.
  • Allow Bitcoin: The number of betting sites that accept BTC is increasing. Cryptocurrency has become one of the most reliable payment options in the world. In addition to complete anonymity, give you an additional promotion if you use it as a payment method.

Betting Sites Without ID Verification FAQ

Do All Betting Sites Need Verification?

No, some betting sites don’t need verification. Such sites don’t have strict KYC procedure, so they allow you to remain anonymous.

What Is No Verification Betting Sites?

It’s simple when you use no ID verification gambling sites you don’t need to provide any documents during registration. It means that you will be able to place bets immediately after the simple sign-up procedure without any additional requirements. Usually, those sites are licensed Curacao online bookmakers.

Will They Ask My ID After Payout Request?

It varies from gambling sites to site. Some gambling sites don’t require verification until a particular limit, some of them want to check your identity after first withdrawal request. However, the procedure should be fast and easy and you don’t need to wait for days.

Is it Legal To Bet On No ID Bookmakers?

Yes, it’s legal. British punters aren’t obligated to play only on UKGC gambling sites. You can find licensed gambling operators without ID verification that have a good reputation and bet there. For example, many offshore gambling websites have excellent offers and ask for your documents.

What Is The Best Betting Sites Without Verification?

There is no simple answer, it depends on your needs. You can try a couple of the reputable betting sites without ID verification and find what you need. However, we can point Harry’s online bookie, it’s already attracted plenty of UK punters.

Can I Win Real Money At A No ID Verification Betting Site?

Yes, gambling sites that don’t ask for ID don’t differ from other ones. After registration, you will not find any difference. However, we recommend you to check the reviews of a site before making a deposit, it will help you to avoid fraud.

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