Sports Betting Arbitrage: How to Make Money on Arbitrage Betting

what is betting arbitrage?

Sports betting arbitrage or arbing is one of the most popular betting strategies. Punters can implement it on various sportsbooks not with GamStop to guarantee profit during their wagering session. In the simplest terms, to use this tactic, you should place bets on each possible outcome of the respective match.

Of course, arbitrage betting has its specificities, which all potential bettors should become familiar with. Users have to consider the odds for each outcome to determine whether or not the arbs will result in a win. The following sections contain further useful information about this sports betting strategy.

Understanding Sports Betting Arbitrage

Before you start experimenting with arbitrage bets, it’s vital to get familiar with the rules and specifics of this strategy. To help you better understand it, we’ll deliver detailed information on how arbitrage betting works and will also provide you with an example of placing arbitrage bets.

What Is Arbitrage Betting?

Simply put, arbitrage betting is a strategy many punters employ to guarantee a profit when they place real money wagers at online sportsbooks. Arbing involves placing wagers on every potential outcome of an event. Depending on the sport, there can be two or three outcomes.

Nonetheless, before you make a ‘’sure bet’’, it’s crucial to ensure that the odds allow for arbitrage betting. Careful calculation of the specific amounts to wager on every possible outcome is necessary to guarantee a win. Please note that there are instances when the bookie delivers odds that are not suitable for the arbitrage betting strategy.

Mechanism Behind Sports Betting Arbitrage

If you have no previous experience with sports betting arbitrage, you may need further assistance before laying your first sure bets. To make the process more understandable, we’ll provide you with a step-by-step guide on how to employ this strategy.

  • Have a predefined budget.
  • Find a reputable sportsbook offering fair odds that allow for arbing.
  • Place different amounts on each possible outcome that will ensure profit.

If you follow these steps, you can easily implement the strategy in your betting session. To make the process even more comprehensive, we’ll deliver a table where we’ve listed examples of odds and bet amounts for an imaginary football game that will result in arbitrage betting. Let’s say the bettor has a budget of 200 GBP. As you’ll see, thanks to the careful calculations, the potential punter will end up winning profit, regardless of the match’s final result:

Match Result Odds Bet Amount (Total Budget Is 200 GBP) Calculations Potential Profit
Team 1 Wins 6 40 GBP 6 x 40 – 200 = 40 40
Team 2 Wins 5 50 GBP 5 x 50 – 200 = 50 50
Draw 3.5 110 GBP 110 x 3 – 200 = 185 185

The Dynamics of Arbitrage Betting in Sports

A great deal of experienced punters employ the arbitrage betting strategy on a daily basis. Top-tier bookmakers present customers with an endless variety of disciplines, most of which allow for arbing. However, to ensure a profit, bettors must carefully consider each wager.

The reason is that the odds fluctuate all the time, depending on the respective matches’ timing and results. This means that sometimes, users may have to be very quick with their calculations and bet slip formation. It’s important to note that sometimes a bookie may change the odds in a way that doesn’t allow for arbing. The good news is that the variety of matches is extensive, and finding an alternative game is always an option.

Arbitrage Betting Strategies

As mentioned earlier, arbitrage betting is very popular among experienced bettors. In most cases, newbies find it difficult to employ this strategy, which is understandable. To use arbing when wagering online, you should first familiarise yourself with the way odds work. The first thing to remember is that they can change at any moment. Also, they may differ, depending on the bookmaker, which is why many punters bet on more than one betting site simultaneously.

Furthermore, most bettors prefer to experiment with different markets rather than sticking to the same option every time. This is essential, as sometimes, the event you’re most excited about may not be the best pick for arbitrage betting. Last but not least, it’s vital to have decent capital. Arbs don’t typically contribute to huge profits, so to enjoy considerable winnings, most punters often place larger wagers.

Is Arbitrage in Sports Betting Legal and Safe in the UK?

Employing the arbitrage betting strategy when betting at online sportsbooks is not an illegal activity. However, we ought to mention that certain bookies try to restrict punters from placing ‘’sure bets’’ by adopting various measures, such as bet limits. Additionally, some bookmakers may even cancel your bet and return your money if you try to make arbitrage bets. Based on our findings, certain brands also have a no-arbitrage betting policy.

However, customers at most reputable sites can use this strategy. To provide a secure online environment, operators often introduce different responsible gaming measures. These include but are not limited to betting self-exclusion, transaction limits, and time-session limits. To avoid using any of these options, we recommend drawing up a suitable budget and sticking to it throughout the entire time. Also, we advise you to get familiar with the specifics of each sport and betting type before proceeding with placing your arbitrage bets.


When it comes to well-known sports wagering strategies, arbitrage betting is certainly one of the top choices among skilled punters. The reason why it’s so popular and beneficial is that if bettors employ the system correctly, they will always gain profit. Our research has revealed that this type of wagering has its specificities, and it’s important to gain an understanding of them in advance. This will guarantee you’ll have an enjoyable and safe experience.

FAQ About Arbitrage Sports Betting

How does arbitrage betting guarantee profits?

Arbitrage betting practically guarantees profit since players lay wagers on every possible outcome. However, to ensure your betting session will be successful, you should carefully consider the odds and bet amounts the bookmaker offers. Sometimes, bookies impose bet limits to prevent users from employing the arbitrage betting strategy.

When do most arbitrage sports betting opportunities arise?

Arbitrage sports betting opportunities may arise at any moment. All top-tier sportsbooks offer huge lists of events, most of which allow for arbing. It’s advisable to keep an eye on the odds throughout the entire time, as they’ll change numerous times while the match in question is running. This will help you determine the perfect moment to place your arbitrage bets.

Why are Saturdays and Sundays popular for arbitrage betting?

According to our in-depth examination, Saturday and Sunday are the best days when it comes to arbitrage betting. The reason is that a myriad of anticipated events take place during the weekend because this way, more people can watch the games. These are the ideal days for punters to lay their ‘’sure bets’’.

Do spikes in arbitrage betting coincide with major sporting events?

Our findings reveal that spikes in arbitrage betting are likely to happen when major sports events take place. Such matches usually get a lot of attention, and many bettors from the UK and around the world use the popular strategy to gain profit.