SpelPaus Review

spelpaus self-exclusion review

SpelPaus is a free service from the Spelinspektionen, which is the Swedish Gambling Authority. Players can use it to ban themselves from gambling at websites with a valid SE licence. However, SpelPaus doesn’t apply to online casinos without Swedish licence, as they fall under different regulators.

In the upcoming sections of our review, we’ll discuss how SpelPaus works and whether or not it’s an effective measure for compulsive gamblers. Also, we’ll highlight the most considerable advantages and disadvantages that will help you decide if this service is suitable for you.

How SpelPaus Works

SpelPaus is a responsible gambling service that’s entirely free of charge. It works for all casinos and betting sites with a valid licence from Spelinspektionen. SpelPaus allows you to self-exclude yourself from all eligible websites for a certain period of time. To do that, access the site, select your exclusion period and provide all necessary data.

The available options include one, three, or six months. Alternatively, users can choose to exclude themselves until further notice. However, this will result in SpelPaus blocking your access to gambling sites for a minimum of 12 months. Please note that once you activate your exclusion, you can’t cancel it. However, you can extend it whenever you want.

Overview of the SpelPaus Program

The SpelPaus program is not only highly effective for compulsive gamblers, but it’s also accessible to everyone in need for free. In the upcoming paragraphs, we’ll go over the major pros of the service, but we’ll also list some of the factors that are a bit inconvenient.

Pros of SpelPaus

It’s far from surprising that so many players choose to manage their gambling activity by joining SpelPaus. The service is highly effective, as it blocks one’s access to all platforms with an SE licence. To learn more about the rest of its benefits, please review the following lines:

Using SpelPaus Self-Exclusion is Free

The most significant advantage of SpelPaus is that it’s entirely free of charge. This means the service is an excellent option for people who are on a budget and want to limit their gambling activity for a certain period.

Flexible Suspension Periods

Whether you want to exclude yourself from gambling for a month or for good, you can do that with SpelPaus. The company allows you to ban your access to casinos with a Swedish licence for as long as you need to. Please keep in mind that once you activate your exclusion, you won’t have the option to revoke it.

Player Support Emphasis

One of the factors that make SpelPaus one of the best self-exclusion services out there is the fact it prioritises player support. Plus, on the official site, there’s an extensive FAQ section that will grant every gambler the answers they’re looking for.

Cons of Using SpelPaus

Although SpelPaus is a responsible gambling service that offers lots of benefits, our experts have managed to spot a few drawbacks we’ll discuss in the upcoming list. We advise you to read these lines thoroughly, as they contain valuable information.

Ineffectiveness for Offshore Gambling

While SpelPaus blocks your access to casinos with an SE licence, you’ll still be able to join all offshore-licensed casino sites that interest you. The reason is that the service doesn’t work on offshore platforms. This can potentially hinder compulsive gamblers from fully restricting their gambling activity.

Slow Customer Support Concerns

According to our research, SpelPaus may not be the best service when it comes to swift customer service. In most cases, users have to wait for a long time before they get a response back, which is certainly troublesome, especially for players who need help.

Comparison with International Self-Exclusion Programs

As you already know, SpelPaus only applies to casinos that operate with a valid Swedish licence. However, if you want to restrict your access to non-Swedish betting platforms and casinos, we recommend you explore some of the international self-exclusion programs we’ve described below. All of these alternatives are just as effective and convenient.


Undeniably, one of the most well-known self-exclusion services available for players from many different parts of the world is GamStop. The tool excludes all active customers from a myriad of gambling platforms. However, our experience shows that finding casino operators not blocked by GamStop is not that difficult.


GamCare is another option for compulsive gamblers looking for professional help. The independent UK charity foundation offers help to everyone in need via live chat, phone, or forums. Although there are many non GamCare sites for betting, our findings show that many reputable brands partner with this organisation.


If you want to block your access to a wide range of casinos, GamBan may be the best option for you. It’s worth noting that the service has a subscription fee, but it also offers a free trial for those who haven’t tried it before. Our investigation reveals that the tool limits customers’ access to numerous websites, but there are still many casinos not linked to GamBan that remain accessible to everyone.


Last but not least, we have BetBlocker, which is another highly effective option when it comes to managing your online gambling activity. To start using the service, you don’t even have to register on the site. All you need to do is install the special software, which is free of charge. During your exclusion period, BetBlocker will restrict your access to over 77,000 websites.

Alternative Self-Exclusion Schemes & Gambling Blockers

If you’re interested in learning more about some of the blockers and programs we just described, we recommend you check out the following reviews. Our experts have thoroughly assessed each of these services and provided the information that potential users may need.

SpelPaus: Q & A

What is SpelPaus?

SpelPaus is a self-exclusion service that bans users’ access to all gambling platforms operating with a valid licence from the Swedish Gambling Authority known as Spelinspektionen. Every gambler can activate their exclusion period for free directly through the SpelPaus website.

How can I remove SpelPaus?

According to our thorough research, removing your SpelBaus exclusion is not an option. Once your exclusion begins, it will remain active until the final date. Players who want to play while on SpelPaus often look for casinos without verification that aren’t part of the exclusion scheme.

Can I join SpelPaus for free?

One of the key benefits of SpelPaus is that the service is entirely free of charge. You don’t have to pay anything to join, which makes it an ideal option for people who can’t afford to spend any money on gambling blockers.

How do I register for SpelPaus?

To start your SpelPaus self-exclusion period, all you need to do is access the official website of the company. Then, select for how long you wish to exclude yourself from gambling and provide all additional personal information the company requires.

Does SpelPaus apply to international gambling sites?

As mentioned earlier, SpelPaus does not apply to international casino sites that don’t have a licence from the Swedish Gambling Authority. This means that excluded players can freely gamble at any offshore online casino with a valid from another jurisdiction.