SENSE Self-Exclusion Scheme: A Closer Look

SENSE Self-Exclusion Scheme

SENSE is the national self-exclusion scheme for the British casino industry. Lately, it has emerged as a lifeline for those who seek a voluntary way to step back from the allure of land-based casinos. Enrolling is a pretty straightforward process and it’s been designed with you, the user, in mind. You have both options – an in-person approach or remote enrolment for responsible gambling.

The process does require detailed proof of identification and requires you to submit some documents for verification. Nevertheless, the whole thing is pretty swift and efficient (and not to mention completely secure). Today, we’re going to delve into the details of what SENSE is and how it works.

Overview of SENSE

SENSE isn’t your typical set of rules; it’s more like a helping hand for those realising their gambling might be getting a bit out of hand. It’s a system designed to make things easy for you when you decide it’s time to take a step back. SENSE stands for self-exclusion – A voluntary act where you say, “I need a break from the casino scene.” But here’s the twist: it’s not just any break; it’s a national self-exclusion scheme, specifically for the cool cats who enjoy a bit of land-based casino action in the UK.

It’s not about telling you what to do; it’s about giving you the choice to step back and take a breather. Now, you might wonder, how is SENSE different from other self-exclusion schemes out there? Well, it’s exclusive to land-based casinos in the UK, much like how the BACTA Self-Exclusion program works – by disallowing you from all pubs, clubs, bingo halls, adult gaming centres, etc. under the coverage of BACTA.

Things You Need to Know About SENSE Scheme

Now, if you’re thinking about enrolling yourself in SENSE then there are more than a couple of things that you should probably know about. We’re going to tackle all important considerations below, so make sure you read them all before making up your mind.

Administration and Operation

SENSE is not a one-person show; it’s more like a team effort with the National Casino Forum (NCF) leading the charge. They’re the wizards behind the curtain, making the SENSE magic happen on behalf of all those UK land-based casinos. It’s a collaborative effort to ensure responsible gambling stays at the forefront, but of course, it doesn’t extend to online casinos based not in the UK, as you might have guessed.

Duration of Self-Exclusion and Impact

So, you’ve decided to take a breather with SENSE. Great choice! Just know that this isn’t a sprint; it’s more like a marathon with a minimum six-month run. That’s your time-out period. But here’s the kicker – Existing self-exclusion agreements with participating casinos get a remix. SENSE steps in, and once you’re on board, it takes over as the maestro conducting the show.

Post-Enrolment Changes

Once you’ve stamped your ticket with SENSE, changes are on the horizon. Within seven days of your enrolment, those membership/loyalty schemes with participating casinos get the curtains drawn. It’s a quiet exit from the promotional stage. But here’s a nudge – participants, you’re the stage manager. Keeping your details accurate and up-to-date is the backstage pass to a smooth performance.

Sharing of Personal Information

Let’s address the elephant in the room – Personal information. When you join the SENSE party, your details get a golden ticket to mingle with participating casinos and a few other partygoers for regulatory compliance. But fear not, it’s not a wild party – it’s a secure and anonymous affair. Your data stays in the VIP section, ensuring a responsible and confidential exchange.

Enrolment Process at SENSE System

Everything sound good? Let’s go over the actual enrolment process of the SENSE system. In other words, here’s what you should expect if you try to get yourself signed up for the self-exclusion system of SENSE.

  • In-Person Enrolment: Head to a casino, no need to hit the gaming floor. Chat with a manager, and share some basic details – Name, address, and a quick photo. Easy, right? They are trained to communicate sensitively with you to better understand your needs.
  • Remote Enrolment: Prefer a virtual handshake? Email, call, or write to a casino. The manager will reach out, and guide you through enrollment, ensuring compliance with data protection. There is no difference between enrolling this way or in person.
  • Proof of Identification: Time to prove you’re you. Bring or send some ID documents – They’ll keep things secure. All of this data goes into the shared, secure database used by all casinos.
  • Quick and Swift Process: In-person or remote, SENSE keeps it swift. No hoops, no hassle – Just a straightforward way to hit pause. You will quickly be disallowed from all casinos that honour SENSE.
  • Minimum Six-Month Commitment: Once you’re in, you’re in for a minimum of six months. It’s your commitment to a break, and it will be respected. There’s no way to reduce it or get out of it earlier than that.
  • Extended Exclusion: Fancy a longer breather? Think that more time might be better for you? Speak to the casino manager when enrolling or complete an Extension Form to stretch your self-exclusion period.
  • Exit Strategy: Feel like it’s time to step back into the casino world? Speak to a manager, and sign a request form. It’s a respectful and thoughtful re-entry. Note that you must wait out the time period you signed up for.

Leaving the SENSE Scheme

So, you’ve had your break, and now you’re thinking of stepping back into the casino scene. Reclaiming your casino experience is also quite straightforward with no loops and hurdles to get over. Here’s how the exit strategy works:

After the minimum six-month exclusion period, you can request removal. Approach any participating casino and request removal from SENSE. It’s not about closing doors; it’s about a respectful exit. A quick chat with the casino manager, a signature on a request form – It’s your way of saying, “I’m ready.” There will be a 24-hour pause. So, after your initial removal request, give it 24 hours before you make your grand return to the casino premises.


The national self-exclusion scheme for British players is pretty flexible. As you learned today, it’s a one-of-a-kind service allowing you to control how much you spend on gambling in the UK.

Whereas enrolling is straightforward, you might need to go through a few steps before you can delist yourself. All in all, SENSE is one of the best self-exclusion programs in the world – it caters to a wide variety of players. Though you’re not supposed to experience any delay if you do it remotely, it’s generally considered to be a good idea to go for an in-person enrolment as it can be faster under most circumstances compared to the remote process.

FAQs About SENSE Self-Exclusion

How can I enrol in SENSE Self-Exclusion?

There are two ways to enrol in the SENSE Self-Exclusion program: In-person and remote. For the in-person enrolment, you will need to visit a land-based casino and talk to a manager on the gaming floor. On the other hand, remote enrolment can be done via email, call, or writing to a casino while expressing our intention to join the program.

What information is collected during sign up at SENSE?

You will be asked a few basic details such as your name and address. They will also require a photo of you. Apart from that, a proof of identification will be required, so be sure that you bring some ID to prove your identity. This is essentially for security and all the data goes into a secure, shared database.

How long does SENSE Self-Exclusion last?

The SENSE Self-Exclusion period lasts for a minimum of six months. Once you enrol, you commit to taking a break from land-based casinos for at least this duration. Existing self-exclusion agreements with participating casinos get replaced by the SENSE scheme, and during this time, you will be disallowed from all casinos under the coverage of SENSE. If you feel you need a longer break, you can discuss an extended exclusion period with the casino manager when enrolling or completing an Extension Form.