Self-Exclusion From All Bookies: Is It Possible?

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Self-exclusion is a common term in the online gambling ecosystem. It represents players taking necessary steps to prevent themselves from gambling online any further. However, if you’d like to self exclude from bookies, you might be battling with gambling addiction. If that’s really the case, we’d like to inform you about popular self-exclusion programs like GamStop. Yes, bookies not registered with GamStop will be available even after registration. But, GamStop still stands tall as a solid preventive measure.

Unfortunately, self-exclusion from all bookies is impossible. Services like GamStop only work with UKGC-licensed gambling sites. Even GamBan, which is known for preventing access to most gambling platforms can’t guarantee it’ll block all of them.

Understanding Self Exclusion from Betting Sites

What does the term self-exclusion actually mean? The definition is as follows:

Self-exclusion is the act of excluding oneself from a certain activity …

In our example, from online gambling and sports betting.

In the context of online gambling and sports betting, self exclusion bookies enable struggling individuals to curb their gambling habits by preventing them from accessing and/or playing at online sportsbooks and casinos using popular tools like GamStop, GamCare, GamBan, and BetBlocker. The benefits of self-exclusion are rather straightforward:

  • Minimises exposure to online gambling.
  • Prevents excessive gambling.
  • Helps individuals with gambling addiction.

A common misconception is that there’s no way back from self-exclusion. That’s incorrect! Self-exclusion doesn’t have to be permanent. Tools like GamStop and GamBan give users the freedom to choose the duration of self-exclusion on their own. GamStop, for example, features 3 different durations – 6 months, 1 year, and 5 years.

How To Ban Yourself Across Multiple Bookies

Even though many responsible gambling tools exist, it’s still quite difficult to self exclude or ban yourself from all gambling sites out there.

The first challenge is quite obvious: new online gambling sites pop up on a daily basis. Even if you could block 100% of gambling websites available today, two days from now there will be a dozen brand-new platforms to explore.

Complete self-exclusion doesn’t exist. In fact, it’s impossible to achieve. Tools like GamBan and BetBlocker are quite good at detecting new brands and improving their database.

GamStop is the most popular self-exclusion tool in the UK. However, its biggest issue is the fact it’s only capable of blocking you from gambling sites licensed by the UKGC. This only confirms our initial statement that complete self-exclusion is impossible to achieve. These tools can provide much-needed help, but they have their limitations and can’t provide complete protection.

Self-Exclusion at Individual Bookmakers

The tools we mentioned are the go-to option for banning yourself from multiple bookmakers quickly and effortlessly. But, they won’t block every single betting platform out there. If you’re registered at GamStop, for example, you can always go to an offshore site and gamble your worries away without any restrictions.

That’s where individual betting self-exclusion comes into play. A good portion of online casinos and sportsbooks have sophisticated self-exclusion settings. These settings allow players to set limits for their accounts which should, in theory, curb their spending.

However, many brands don’t have integrated responsible gambling tools. But, that’s not where the story ends. Players can still request self-exclusion measures for their accounts but will have to do so via customer support. The whole process is a bit more complicated, but it’s still possible to set up wagering and other limits on individual gambling platforms.

Challenges and Limitations When Self-Excluding from Betting Sites

Unfortunately, self-exclusion tools aren’t going to magically get rid of gambling addiction for you. Tackling gambling addiction is a complex issue and tools like GamStop won’t be enough. How come?

GamStop and similar tools can’t block every single betting site out there. There are always loopholes players exploit when their gambling cravings reach the boiling point.

GamStop, for instance, only blocks registered players from gambling at UKGC-licensed brands. GamBan, on the other hand, works on a global scale but isn’t too difficult to bypass.

Long story short, self-exclusion tools are great for those looking for immediate solutions to combat their gambling cravings. In most cases, though, they won’t be enough to combat gambling addiction.

Tools and Resources for Online Betting Self-Exclusion

You’re not alone! Self-exclusion is a big step and lots of people go through it. Luckily, tools like GamStop, GamBan, and GamCare are there to help you out. These three form the TalkBanStop initiative which helps gamblers talk about their problems, ban access to gambling platforms, and stop their gambling habits. By the way, they work only for online sportsbooks, but if you want to self-exclude from betting shops, you need to explore alternative self-exclusion programs tailored specifically for brick-and-mortar establishments.


Let’s start off with GamStop. It’s a simple service that lets players easily self-exclude themselves from UK-licensed online gambling platforms. But, how does GamStop work after all? In simple terms, all you need to do is register on the platform, enter your personal details, and choose the period you’d like to self-exclude for (6 months, 1 year, and 5 years).


Next up, GamBan. It’s also a part of the TalkBanStop initiative, just like GamStop. While this service aims to block access to all gambling sites, bookmakers not blocked by GamBan still exist. On the bright side, GamBan’s database keeps growing week in and week out, ensuring better coverage for its users.


GamCare is also a part of the TalkBanStop initiative. If you haven’t guessed already, GamCare is the Talk part of the equation. That’s because it provides exceptional gambling support and features professional advisers through a series of communication channels. The list includes WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger chats, free 24/7 phone lines, a dedicated forum and textual chatrooms where gamblers can share their personal experiences.


BetBlocker is in many ways similar to GamBan. It’s also an app whose sole purpose is to block access to online casinos and sportsbooks. The download size is small, the installation is quick and the whole self-exclusion setup lasts just a minute or so. BetBlocker isn’t just capable of banning access to UK-licensed gambling sites but to numerous international brands too.

Professional Help and Counseling When Decide to Self-Exclude

If none of the available responsible gambling tools fail to provide results, we warmly advise you to seek professional help. Counselling can do great things for problematic gamblers. Gambling therapy is a great way to begin treatment. It’s bound to help you understand what you’re going through and how to work on getting out of the vicious cycle.

If you’re not willing to go the extra step just yet, perhaps you’ll be interested in Gamblers Anonymous program. It offers more of a “community” approach, bringing gamblers together and allowing them to share their negative experience and talk about what helped them get their lives back.


Self-exclusion schemes bear massive importance for individual gamblers in our community who find it difficult to stop excessive online gambling. The TalkBanStop initiative which consists of GamStop, GamBan, and GamCare is the perfect starting point for problem gamblers. If you know someone who’s struggling to curb their gambling habits, point them in the direction of TalkBanStop.

If you’re struggling with gambling addiction and you’re unable to achieve your goals with TalkBanStop tools, we advise you to seek professional help. Professional counselling is oftentimes the only way to tackle stubborn cases of gambling addiction. Act now – problem gambling is not a joke!

FAQs About Bookies Self Exclusion

Can I ban myself from the sportsbook in the UK?

Yes, you can. The easiest way to do so is to use a service like GamStop. It’s a responsible gambling tool that allows players to register, which automatically prevents them from gambling on all sportsbooks and casinos licensed by the UKGC (United Kingdom Gambling Commission).

Is it possible to self-exclude yourself from all betting sites at once?

It’s possible to exclude from all betting sites and casinos that are registered in the UK. But, you can block access to all (more like 99%) gambling sites with an app like GamBan.

How long does a self-exclusion period typically last?

You’re in charge of setting up your self-exclusion scheme. The choice is all yours. Take GamStop as the perfect example – it allows players to self-exclude for 6 months, a year, and 5 years.

Can I extend or shorten my self-exclusion period?

Some responsible gambling tools allow players to extend their self-exclusion period. However, none of them allow players to shorten it. If they allow this, it would defeat the whole purpose of self-exclusion.