Comparison of Responsible Gambling Tools

responsible gambling tools

Our findings show that over 26% Brits in the UK gamble online, making responsible gambling principles more important than ever. These tools, such as self-exclusion options, deposit limits, and access to support resources, empower players to control their online gambling activities.

Based on our research, UK gambling sites offer a range of features to promote healthy playing habits. With these tools, you can ban yourself from bookies, reduce your gambling budget, or get free online counseling for those British citizens affected by gambling. However, the effectiveness of these responsible gambling tools varies based on the provider. Let’s explore some of the most common safe gaming options, their features, pros and cons, and how they stack up against each other.

Shorts-List of Tools For Responsible Gambling

Several excellent tools are available in the UK to assist players in gambling responsibly and ensure their online gaming isn’t problematic. In our analysis of the most popular blockers in the UK, we have identified the top options that stood out. Each tool addresses specific aspects of online gambling, offering unique features and benefits. They include:


GamStop is a free self-exclusion tool setup in 2017 to help UK players self-exclude from UK-licensed gambling websites for six months, one year, or five years. Upon registering with GamStop, you can’t access any online gambling site under the purview of the UKGC until your exclusion period lapses. It is considered one of the UK’s most effective and successful blockers.


GamBan takes a device-focused approach, allowing users to block all online gambling across all installed devices. It is a user-friendly application that blocks you from accessing gambling websites and apps on devices you install the application on. The blocker offers a secure, reliable, cost-effective solution for individuals combating gambling issues. The software is compatible with computers, mobile phones, and tablets.


GamBlock operates as a content filter, restricting access to all online gambling websites. This tool employs advanced technology to block gambling content, offering a reliable solution for those desiring to limit potential gambling temptations. After trying this product, we found that it offers custom site blocking and timed lockouts. The software is proxy-proof; altering VPN or DNS settings or installing new VPNs will not circumvent the blocker.


As a result of our tests, we determined that BetBlocker is a free app you can install on your mobile, desktop, and tablet. It’s designed to aid individuals in limiting their access to gambling apps and websites. BetBlocker allows users to tailor their self-exclusion preferences with customisable features, reinforcing responsible gaming choices. If you change devices, you must also install the app on that device.


NetNanny was originally known as a parental control tool, but it has extended its functionality to help punters gamble responsibly. It has advanced filters and alerts. By allowing users to filter and block gambling content, NetNanny offers an effective tool for gamblers while protecting kids. It bars children from engaging in gambling activities or accessing harmful websites.


BetFilter allows punters to block access to all online gambling platforms, including casinos, sportsbooks, and poker sites. It comes as a mobile or desktop app. With BetFilter, you can self-block for 1-2 years until you cool off and can comfortably manage your gaming activities. As a result of using this BetFilter, we found that it features customisable settings and user-friendly features, allowing everyone to use the block without hassle.


SpelPaus is a Swedish self-exclusion tool, a license requirement for gambling destinations in Sweden. With SpelPaus, you can self-exclude for one, three, six, or 12 months. However, our research shows that it is primarily tailored for Swedish players; therefore, if you get on a non-Swedish casino sites, the self-exclusion won’t work.

Gambling Blocking Tools: Key Features

Players should understand the core functionality when choosing a responsible gambling tool. The effectiveness, customisation, compatibility, cost, and additional support features impact the user experience and ability to control gambling behaviour. When choosing gambling blockers, users should explore these functionalities to determine the best option for their needs.


Effectiveness involves how well a tool blocks access to gambling sites and deters problematic gambling behaviour. The most robust blockers prevent access across thousands of sites on all devices. Some self-exclusion programs are limited in scope. Our observations showed that GamBan and BetFilter are highly effective, while SpelPaus is only limited to Sweden.

Customisation Options

According to our experience, customisation involves how users can tailor settings like exclusion periods, restricted sites, deposit limits, and more. Tools like GamBlock, NetNanny, and BetBlocker enable full control over blocked sites and durations. We noted that GamStop has preset options. Our findings show that more customisation options accommodate different needs and preferences, thus enhancing the effectiveness of the blocker.


Based on our own experience, we know that compatibility ensures a consistent and reliable experience across devices, operating systems, and browsers. This increases the tool’s effectiveness in helping users manage their gambling behaviours. You must choose a tool that is compatible across devices and systems for a hassle-free recovery journey. Our observations showed that NetNanny and BetFilter have high marks for compatibility.


When we tried these responsible gambling tools, we found that some are free while some require a financial commitment. Understanding the financial commitment involved is key for users considering various alternatives. Whether through free access, subscription fees, or one-time purchases, transparency in pricing helps users make informed decisions. The cost determines the accessibility and inclusivity of these tools.

Additional Features

Beyond the core functionalities, responsible gambling tools often offer extra features. These include setting financial limits, activity reports, financial tracking tools, educational resources, and support services. Based on our experience, these extras enhance users’ ability to manage their gambling habits effectively and accommodate different needs and preferences. These additional features enrich the overall impact of responsible gambling tools on user well-being.

Comparison Table of Responsible Tools’ Features

Deciding to use a gambling blocker is a decisive step in effectively managing your online gambling activities. Each option offers different capabilities, so understanding the nuances around effectiveness, customisation, compatibility, cost, and additional support is imperative. To help you decide the best option, check the comparison table below, which highlights the distinctive features of various responsible tools.

Responsible Gambling Tool Effectiveness Customisation Options Compatibility Cost Additional Features
GamStop Comprehensive self-exclusion database Limited customisation options Broad compatibility Free Focus on self-exclusion
Gamban Advanced website blocking technology Limited customisation options Multi-device compatibility Paid subscription Strong website blocking
GamBlock Sophisticated blocking technology Limited customisation options Cross-device compatibility Paid subscription Advanced blocking measures
BetBlocker Flexibility in setting exclusion periods Personalised customisation Multi-device compatibility Free Adjustable restrictions
NetNanny Versatile parental control software Limited customisation for gambling Multi-device compatibility Paid subscription Parental control and gambling site blocking
BetFilter Paid service with a one-time purchase fee Limited customisation options Multi-device compatibility One-time purchase fee Transparent pricing model
SpelPaus Self-exclusion with financial limit tools Limited customisation options Sweden-specific Free Financial limit features


Our in-depth research and hands-on comparisons reveal that choosing the right responsible gambling tool requires matching the capabilities against your needs and financial situation. There is no definitive best option, with tools from GamStop’s wide database to BetBlocker’s flexibility offering varying pros and cons. GamBan and GamBlock provide the most comprehensive online gambling blocking through advanced technology, though they require paid subscriptions.

Those seeking free and easy self-exclusion in the UK should consider GamStop. At the end of the day, awareness of your gambling habits, self-control, and utilising these purpose-built tools constitutes a reliable approach. We hope our assessment will effectively guide you to pick the ideal responsible gambling solution.


What is a responsible gambling tool?

A responsible gambling tool is a software or application designed to help individuals control and monitor their online gambling activities, promoting a safer and more mindful gaming experience. The services offered by these tools include blocking access to sites, setting limits, or supporting resources.

What is the difference between Gamban and GamBlock?

Gamban and GamBlock, while both blocking online gambling, differ in approach. Gamban is a device-focused app blocking devices from accessing gambling sites and apps, while GamBlock acts as a content filter specifically restricting access to gambling websites and timed lockouts.

Are all responsible gambling tools blocking gambling sites?

No. While the primary function of these safe gambling tools is to enable responsible gaming, some focus on blocking or restricting access to gambling sites. In contrast, others allow you to self-exclude from sites within that network. However, both tools allow users experiencing problem gambling issues to take a break from gambling until they can control their gaming habits.

Which tool most effectively blocks access to gambling sites?

Our testing found Gamban to be the most effective, leveraging advanced technology to prevent access across devices. BetFilter came a close second. Their robust blocking technology detects and filters the main website and any mirror links.

Are there any free responsible gambling tools available?

Yes. Tools like GamStop, SpelPaus, and BetBlocker are available at no cost. However, GamCare collaborates with Gamban to offer UK users free access to the Gamban blocking software plus support. Free tools offer wide access to more people seeking help to manage their online gambling activities.

Is there a difference between self-exclusion and website blocking?

Yes. Self-exclusion involves voluntarily opting out of specific gambling sites. However, website blocking involves using an app or software installed on select devices to block and restrict access to all gambling sites. Users can bypass self-exclusion by registering at casinos that are not on GamStop or SpelPaus, while you cannot bypass gambit blockers unless you change devices.

Can I use multiple responsible gambling tools simultaneously?

While the intention behind using several blocking methods is understandable, it’s generally not recommended to use multiple responsible gambling tools simultaneously. The tools may interfere with each other’s functionalities or lack compatibility. However, if the tools have complementary functionalities, like GamStop and GamBlock or BetFilter, you may use them concurrently for reinforced control. Just ensure they don’t conflict or override settings.