What Are the Most Popular Sports to Bet on in the UK?

top popular sports in the UK for betting

The development of the sport culture in the UK is legendary, to say at least. According to the available information, a myriad of sports originated there, including football, cricket, and badminton. Furthermore, betting on horse racing events also started in the UK, and back in the day, it was considered an upper-class activity.

At present, the British can also bet on horse racing and many other well-known sports from the comfort of their homes. The number of reputable bookmakers increases every year. All sportsbooks give UK customers a chance to wager on numerous disciplines. Below, we’ll focus on some of the most popular ones.

Top 5 Sports for Betting Enthusiasts at Betting Sites Not On GamStop

As mentioned earlier, based on our findings, sports like football, cricket, and horse racing have first originated in the UK. That’s one of the reasons why these disciplines are so prominent among Brits. In addition to these, punters love to take their chances with tennis and rugby.

These sports are available on almost every betting website not with GamStop, which is open to UK customers. The number of betting markets varies, depending on the sport, but usually, football is the discipline offering the largest variety. In the following lines, we’ll further discuss the top 5 sports at non-GamStop sportsbooks in the UK.


Undeniably, football is the most well-known sport in the UK, and the Premier League is one of the most notable leagues on a global scale. It’s far from surprising that there are so many football betting sites that accept GamStop punters and offer an extensive diversity of markets and betting types.

Horse Racing

According to our investigation, horse racing originated in the UK. In fact, wagering on horse racing events was one of the most exciting disciplines for people from the upper class in the past. The Cheltenham Festival and the Royal Ascot are two of the most prominent horse racing events in history. At present, finding a horse racing non GamStop betting site is quite easy, as this sport is available at most online sportsbooks.


Cricket is another notable sport in England, and the historical records suggest that its first form dates back to the 1590s. One of the most popular cricket leagues is the National Counties Cricket Championship, running throughout the entire season. Currently, there are many sportsbooks with crickets not blocked by GamStop, allowing everyone to lay wagers on their favourite cricket teams or counties.


The Rugby Football Union in England was formed in 1871. However, the earliest rugby version in England goes all the way back to 1843. The sport was mostly associated with the upper classes, but today, it’s a discipline people from all social statuses love. Every British punter can bet on rugby not on GamStop, by joining a betting site that’s not part of the exclusion scheme.


There are several reasons why tennis is so likeable among Brits. However, one of the most considerable ones is the fact that the UK was a host for one of the most grandiose Grand Slam tennis events. The 2022 Wimbledon championship gathered together a myriad of UK spectators. Based on our research, many experienced punters bet on tennis without GamStop whenever there’s such a major event.

Football and horse racing are some of the most notable disciplines in the UK that are closely related to its sports history. Nonetheless, in the last couple of days, other sports gained a lot of popularity, as well. These include but are not limited to eSports and MMA.

Not only do Brits love watching such matches, but many of them like to place wagers whenever there’s an active tournament. According to our investigation, the majority of GamStop-free eSports betting sites give users a chance to bet on numerous events from famous leagues. These include the LoL World Championship and the ESL.

As for MMA, the tournament that receives the most attention is the UFC. These sports are available in most sportsbooks, and punters are often willing to test their luck with them. The reason is that they often come with high odds, and on some platforms, you can even enjoy live-streaming services.

Fan Engagement and Responsible Betting

Currently, many high-rated online bookmakers grant British punters a chance to lay real money bets on the most anticipated matches in the sports world. Most of them strive to offer high odds and introduce features to engage customers even more.

Nonetheless, it’s vital for every bookie to promote responsible gambling, as well. The most reputable brands follow special policies, allowing registered users to limit their activity whenever necessary. Plus, the companies provide relevant information about various responsible gaming organisations to assist those in need further.

Such practices help bookmakers gain even more recognition as they enhance brands’ overall reputability. In other words, to make bettors’ experience truly memorable, top-rated operators offer innovative features, ideal responsiveness, fair odds, and a secure online betting environment. All of these things are crucial when it comes to finding the perfect online sports betting platform.


Our in-depth research shows that sports betting is immensely popular in the UK due to several reasons. Firstly, many of the most prominent disciplines in the world, such as football, horse racing, and cricket, originated there. Moreover, top-tier sportsbooks for Brits offer excellent odds and a wide variety of tournaments. The fact that this niche is constantly expanding makes it easy for bettors to find a suitable betting market and enjoy an unproblematic online wagering experience.

FAQ About Popular Sports At Betting Sites Without GamStop

Are mainstream sports like football and basketball available for betting on non GamStop platforms?

Mainstream disciplines like basketball, football, and tennis are all accessible on the top-rated non-GamStop betting websites, accessible to British players. In addition to these well-known sports, you’ll also find many alternative options, including cricket, rugby, table tennis, darts, and eSports.

Is live betting an option for popular sports enthusiasts on non-GamStop sites?

Certain sportsbooks that aren’t on GamStop’s list give users the opportunity to keep an eye on various live matches. These sites feature the so-called Live Streaming service, which is highly convenient for bettors who can’t watch the game they’re betting on. Plus, watching the event in real-time helps punters make more informed decisions regarding betting.

What considerations exist for responsible gambling when betting on popular sports at non-GamStop sites?

Based on our examination, all reliable non-GamStop betting websites present customers with several options for responsible gambling. These include deposit limits and session limits. Plus, players can contact various organisations to get professional help. To ensure secure and enjoyable gameplay, all brands should follow an effective responsible gaming policy.

What sport is the most popular for betting among UK players?

There are many sports disciplines British punters love to bet on. However, based on our thorough examination, football, rugby, horse racing, and tennis are among the most common picks for UK customers. These usually offer an extensive list of betting markets, and most events have fair odds.