Net Nanny Review

net nanny review

A growing concern among UK residents is minor’s access to gambling sites. This results in a severe problem of gambling addiction for underage people. The ease of access to the internet makes it easy for underage kids to access gambling sites.

This necessitated the creation of Net Nanny in 2018, which offers parental control to keep your child safe online and offline. Net Nanny is a savvy tool similar to self-exclusion from online bookmakers to incorporate into your online gambling portfolio. It comprises easy-to-use apps, exceptional customer service, and reasonably-priced plans with a 14-day money-back guarantee. Below is a complete breakdown of Net Nanny and what it means for your online gaming experience.

How Net Nanny Works Explained

Net Nanny is a top-rated parental control software for Windows operating systems. It gives subscribers visibility and control of their family’s online experience. The software helps users filter the internet and block unwanted content, such as offshore sports betting sites and other gambling content. The software maintains regular updates on databases, including URLs and keywords related to online gambling. Hence, it automatically blocks and restricts access to those sites when detected.

In addition, Net Nanny employs multiple customizable settings that allow parents to set specific rules and restrictions. The parents can define these limits for online activities such as gambling websites. This ensures that minors can’t access such content during specific periods.

Overview of Net Nanny

Net Nanny is more than a parent control software to stop minors in your household from accessing gambling content. It allows you to manage how long your child stays online while tracking their location in real-time. Here is a complete breakdown of Net Nanny software and how it can improve your gaming experience:

Advantages of Using NetNanny

Effective Content Filtering

One standout feature of Net Nanny is its effective content filtering feature. It features an intuitive website and app filtering feature where users can choose which of these apps or websites their child can access. This includes harmful content such as online gambling.

Remote Management

Net Nanny features multiple remote management capabilities to provide a valuable solution for parents to oversee their children’s online activities. Parents can easily track their devices in real-time to ensure their child’s online safety regardless of physical location.

Real-time Alerts

Net Nanny offers real-time alerts while proactively informing parents of potential concerns in their children’s online activities. You get an alert each time on the potential dashboard your child visits a blocked website or views harmful content. You can choose to get alerts upon your child’s arrival and departure.

Time Management Features

The software allows users to limit how long their child stays online. You can easily add more time if your child reaches the limit. Also, parents can turn off the internet or pause the device. Choosing the pause on the device blocks all apps except phone and messaging apps.

Disadvantages of NetNanny

Compatibility Issues

Net Nanny can detect and block over 120+ apps on Android and IOS devices. Unfortunately, it is not compatible with all websites and apps. For example, the YouTube monitoring feature cannot monitor activity in the YouTube app.

Not Free of Charge

Some users are used to basic parental control solutions that provide basic features for free. On the other hand, Net Nanny is a subscription-based model that requires users to pay to access its full range of features. It comes with different pricing plans that allow for simultaneous connection.

Easy to Bypass

The software primarily relies on website filtering to restrict access to specific content, including gambling content sites. Tech-savvy users of gambling sites explore various methods to circumvent these filters with VPNs or proxy servers to bypass GamStop self-exclusion and continue accessing gambling content. Hence, parents need to stay updated on these trends.

Alternative Blockers to Net Nanny

Net Nanny is undeniably one of the standout blockers for websites and apps on your children’s devices. Also, these devices employ interesting features and capabilities to stay updated on the latest trends. The market is full of other alternative blockers with multiple features. Here is a list of other options available:


BetBlocker is a free app that helps users manage their gambling by restricting their devices from accessing online gambling operator sites for a period of their choosing. The timeframe for your self-exclusion period ranges between 24 hours and five years.


GamBlock is a comprehensive blocking option with advanced measures to prevent the usage of VPNs and proxies. After installing the app, it is not removed for the chosen period. It comes with varied subscription plans. It is available on most devices and is suited for Android and Windows operating systems.


Gamban is a software application that helps individuals with gambling addiction to stay away from gambling sites and apps. It provides a safe and secure tool within a reasonable budget to fight off any temptation for online gambling. It takes a multi-layered approach to blocking thousands of gambling sites and apps worldwide.


BetFilter is a useful tool for blocking gambling sites, apps, and servers on all your devices. Immediately after downloading the BetFilter app, it restricts gambling sites and content access. The software is compatible with Windows, iOS, Mac, and Android devices. The app auto-updates to protect users from new threats and temptations to gamble.

Popular Questions About NetNanny

What devices does NetNanny support?

Net Nanny features native apps that support Android and IOS devices. Also, it has apps that monitor your child’s Android, Windows, macOS, and Kindle Fire devices. You can also access the parent dashboard from any device with a web browser.

Can Net Nanny be bypassed?

Yes. Tech-savvy users can bypass Net Nanny by using a VPN or proxy. A VPN allows users to connect to remote servers worldwide that hide your IP address while encrypting your connection. Net Nanny servers can’t track your traffic and can’t filter your content.

Can I monitor multiple devices with a single Net Nanny account?

Yes. The pricing plan chosen at Net Nanny dictates whether you can monitor multiple devices with a single Net Nanny account. There are three pricing plans for your Net Nanny account. A five-device plan allows the connection of up to 5 devices simultaneously. Also, there is the 20-device plan that connects up to 20 devices.

Can NetNanny block casinos for self-excluded people?

Yes. NetNanny can block casinos for self-excluded people. This restricts their access to UK-licensed online casinos. Also, there are non GamStop casinos in the UK that promote responsible gaming for its users. Hence, problem gamblers can continue with their self-exclusion period without accessing these gambling sites.