Monzo Gambling Block – Overview

monzo gambling block review

On this page, we’ll discuss the specifics of the Monzo gambling block, which is a highly effective feature for all Brits who want to control their spending at online casinos or sportsbooks. The tool is free of charge, and you can activate it at any time. Deactivation is quite easy, as well, but you’ll need the CS team’s assistance to do that.

Feel free to check out the following paragraphs to learn more about the gambling block and how it works. We recommend everyone read our analysis until the end, as there, you’ll find detailed and up-to-date answers to a few common queries.

Monzo Gambling Block: Understanding

Monzo is one of the most popular online banks in London. A few years ago, it released the Monzo Gambling Block feature, which allows all clients to restrict any transactions that fall into the category of gambling payments. These have a special MCC tag, and based on our examination, the exceptions are quite rare.

This particular feature supports responsible gambling and makes it easier for players to control their spending and take care of their financial well-being. Such tools can be quite effective for a number of reasons. One of them is the cooldown period all users should comply with. In the case of Monzo Gambling Block, it can be between two days and a year.

How Monzo Gambling Block Works

Apart from being so effective, the Gambling Block Monzo is user-friendly, as well. According to our personal experience, a customer will have zero difficulties activating it. Plus, it’s completely free of charge for everyone.

To turn on the responsible gambling feature, you can access the Settings of the app and activate it on your own. However, if you have trouble figuring out the process, don’t hesitate to reach out to the customer support team. The agent will assist you with anything necessary.

Once you activate the gambling block, transactions with a gambling merchant category code will not go through. There are rare cases when gambling payments are not marked with an MCC tag. Nonetheless, Monzo is not responsible for such instances, as this depends entirely on the gambling provider in question.

When you set up the Monzo Gambling Block, you’ll have the option to select what your cooldown period will be. The latter refers to the time you’ll be unable to gamble once you turn off the feature. This period will give you the opportunity to reconsider your decision. Our findings show that the cooldown may be anywhere between two days and one year.

How Monzo Blocks Gambling Transactions

As we’ve previously explained, the majority of casino and sports betting transactions fall into the category of transactions with an MCC tag. However, in certain instances, such payments may not have that particular tag, and if that’s the case, the merchant will still approve the deposit. For your ease, we’ve created a list of steps regarding the Monzo transaction blocking process:

  1. Monzo monitors every customer’s transactions. If a client has activated the Monzo Gambling Block tool, transactions with an MCC tag will not go through.
  2. If a gambling transaction doesn’t have the proper tag, charging will take place.
  3. You can always contact the CS team to inform them about a provider whose transactions don’t have the MCC tag. The agents will assist you promptly, adding it manually to their gambling block list.

How to Turn Off Monzo Gambling Block

If you’ve decided that you want to turn off the Monzo gambling restriction tool, you should contact the customer support team. Please note that you won’t be able to make gambling-related transactions before the end of your cooldown period. If you’re not completely sure whether you want to deactivate the Monzo gambling block, feel free to ask the CS team to provide you with data about additional responsible gambling sources.

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Monzo Gambling Block: FAQ

What types of transactions does the Monzo Gambling Block restrict?

The popular Monzo block that restricts gambling transactions works by blocking payments to online casinos or sports betting websites. Such transactions have the so-called gambling merchant category code or MCC. However, according to our research, certain transactions don’t have the correct tag, and they can go through. Fortunately, Monzo gives you the option to ask the CS team to add these merchants to the gambling block manually.

Is there a cooldown period for turning off the Monzo Gambling Block?

Yes, every customer who activates the Monzo Gambling Block should add a specific cooldown period, which can be between two days and one year. Once you deactivate the tool, you’ll have to wait for this period to end before you’re able to make Monzo gambling transactions again.

Does the Monzo Gambling Block apply to both online and offline gambling transactions?

If you’ve activated the gambling block at Monzo, the company will reject any gambling-related transactions both online and in person. This is an effective strategy, as it makes it easier for customers to control their activity, and it limits the number of online casino alternatives.

How does Monzo's customer support assist users with concerns about gambling addiction?

You can contact Monzo’s customer support team at any time. The department consists of professionals who are ready to assist you in no time and provide you with all of the information you need. If you choose to turn off the responsible gambling block at Monzo, you’ll have to ask an agent to assist you further. The members of the team may try to make you reconsider your decision by asking a number of relevant questions.