GamStop Benefits for BetStop

gamstop benefits for betstop

Sometimes, gambling comes to a point where it is necessary to take a break and stop playing. Some people want to protect themselves from gambling addiction in advance, while others are simply tired of being in constant pursuit of money and casino numbers. This is where players come across responsible gambling tools, such as GamStop and BetStop. With their help, players can protect their moral and financial situation quickly and safely. The main advantage of such a system is that after self-restraint, there will be no more access to games and casino registration for the desired time.

Exploring BetStop

BetStop is a register of self-isolation from online gambling. These types of gambling blockers help to reduce the risk of addiction and control their involvement in casinos. So far, more than 18,000 Australians have used BetStop, and many of them are under the age of 40.

Launched August 2023
Official Website
Number of Registrations Up to 10,000 People
Jurisdiction AU
Documents for Registration email, mobile phone number, valid Australian driver’s licence/Medicare card
Ability to Stop Subscription Yes

Features and Functionality

It only takes 5 minutes to register with BetStop. There is no need to go through a difficult identification process or multi-step registration. In addition, it is possible to choose how long to be excluded, with a minimum period of three months. BetStop allows Australians to choose which operators or types of gambling they want to restrict or block. This system covers about 75 legal casinos, so there is a wide choice. Safe gambling is the key to a quiet life filled with pleasant winnings.

Target Audience

The BetStop programme was developed for a wide range of players who want to control their gambling habits. They may be those who feel like they spend too much time or money gambling. Or they may be those who are concerned about their health and financial time prematurely. No matter the reasons for trying BetStop, the main thing is the high efficiency of this method. This programme provides everyone with the opportunity for positive changes and financial control.

Understanding GamStop

GamStop is a free service introduced by the United Kingdom that allows to limit access to online gambling. Participation in the programme is completely voluntary and helps to cancel or change a self-exclusion at any time. It is recommended that you prevent the desire to create a non GamStop account at the time of use so that it is possible to stay in a safe and controlled environment. One of the most innovative features of this platform is the introduction of tracking and blocking technology. Other non GamStop casino sites in the UK can’t offer the same high results and strong user protection.

Launched April 2018
Official Website
Number of Registrations Up to 500,000 People
Jurisdiction UK
Documents for Registration Personal ID, Postcodes, and Mobile Phone Numbers
Ability to Stop Subscription No

Comparison of BetStop and GamStop

The BetStop and GamStop platforms help to prevent possible problems related to gambling. Even though both programmes have common goals and intentions, they also have certain differences. Below, we have shared a more detailed table showing their key features.

Feature GamStop BetStop
Country United Kingdom Australia
Self-Exclusion Period 6 months to 5 years Customisable (from 3 months)
Cost Free Free
Verification Mechanism ID verification ID verification
Effectiveness Minimal concerns raised Criticisms about potential loopholes and system effectiveness
User Accessibility Allows to choose self-exclusion duration Rules making it harder to get on the register than to open an account
Support and Promotion Prominent advertising and support services Success relies on promotion by betting companies

Operation Country

BetStop is a widely used tool in Australia to manage gambling time effectively. GamStop is a platform introduced by the United Kingdom Gambling Commission that supports responsible online casino operations. Undoubtedly, these two programs operate in different cultural and regulatory environments, but they share a common goal of ensuring the safety of every player.

Self-Exclusion Period

The self-exclusion period is a time determined by the user during which he decides to refuse access to gambling. GamStop allows self-exclusion for a period of 6 months to 5 years. As for BetStop, it is possible to set up the system manually, with a minimum self-exclusion period of 3 months.


Both programmes provide completely free access to their services. Regardless of social status, financial situation, or geographical location, all users have equal access to this important initiative and the right to play responsibly. However, they have different budgets involved in the development of their systems, their improvements, and costs.

Verification Mechanism

Verification is an important process in making self-exclusion effective and reliable. It involves verifying personal data and compliance with the data in the register. This helps to accurately identify people seeking assistance and ensure that they have access to the necessary services.


Hundreds of players have already proved the effectiveness and reliability of BetStop and GamStop apps and the convenience of their tools. The programmes’ interfaces are simple and clear, which also significantly impacts their success. Also, using these platforms, there is access to consultants, additional materials, and many other useful things.

User Accessibility

The most important thing when accessing BetStop and GamStop is to have a high-quality Internet connection. It can be either mobile or Wi-Fi for a high-quality connection. Some users may be uncomfortable using such apps due to the fear of their modernity, so the developers have tried simplifying the registration process.

Support and Promotion

The BetStop and GamStop apps provide support in various ways, such as by phone, email, or online chat. Here, it is possible to get answers to questions and consultations quickly. These programmes also require high-quality promotion, so responsible gambling principles are key to their marketing strategies to get as many people as possible.

What Is the Same at GamStop & BetStop?

As we have already mentioned, despite certain differences, platforms such as GamStop and BetStop have a lot in common. Even though one app was developed in the UK and the other in Australia, below, we have provided more information about the factors that make them related:

  • Self-Exclusion Purpose: Both platforms were developed to help fight gambling addiction. GamStop and BetStop are effective tools for controlling playing actions and financial situations.
  • Government Endorsement: GamStop and BetStop received support from government authorities and approval from their respective countries at the development stage. There was also a strong demand among users, which once again confirms the importance of such initiatives.
  • Operator Compliance: Licensed operators involved in these programmes check their customers’ data in registers to avoid providing services to self-excluded persons. This helps to build a more conscious and safe relationship within online gambling.
  • Industry Funding: All expenses related to the operation and support of GamStop and BetStop are covered by the gambling industry. This factor contributes to the effective involvement of casinos in the fight against gambling addiction.
  • Free of Charge: GamStop and BetStop operate for free and allow everyone to use their services, there are no fees or contributions. This approach reduces the barriers for players to join the self-exclusion programme.
  • Duration Flexibility: Both platforms consider users’ individual needs and allow different periods for self-disconnection. It is possible to decide how long to participate in these programmes.
  • Identification Process: Each of these sites provides for verification of users’ data and their compliance with the data in the self-exclusion register. This process still guarantees the security and complete confidentiality of the data.

Alternatives for Both: GamStop and BetStop

Those looking for gambling freedom and ways to avoid risks should try the high-quality platforms GamStop and BetStop. But other alternatives offer similar services. They are also completely safe and provide additional features such as tracking and reports on app usage. The tools below are available to people from all over the world:

Popular Questions about the Comparison of BetStop & GamStop

How do the registration processes differ between GamStop and BetStop?

The registration processes at GamStop and BetStop are quite simple and convenient. The only difference is when registering with GamStop, people provide their name, email address, password, and mobile number right away. With BetStop, they need to select the desired blackout period and then everything else.

What regions do GamStop and BetStop cover?

GamStop is a widely used and recognisable platform in the UK. BetStop is related to gaming in Australia and actively helps them in the fight against addiction. For this reason, the systems have certain differences in the use and access to different online casino operators.

How effective are GamStop and BetStop in preventing self-excluded players from accessing gambling sites?

There are hundreds of good user reviews with gratitude to these platforms. This already confirms the effectiveness of these sites and their positive impact. Of course, the success of the programme depends on the player, as everyone has different willpower and readiness to accept challenges.

Is it possible to cancel self-exclusion at BetStop before the end of the set period?

The BetStop platform does not provide for the possibility of cancelling self-exclusion or changing the duration before the end of the set period by the player. This policy is aimed at protecting the interests of players, meeting their goals, and responsible gambling.