Gambling Blockers Review and Comparison

gambling blockers

Online gambling becomes dangerous when it leads to compulsive behaviour. Thankfully, there are many effective tools to prevent gambling harm. For UK players seeking control over their gambling habits, gambling blockers stand as the best option. These blockers restrict or limit access to betting websites. Some of these also provide self-exclusion from betting websites without any hassle. Thus, online gambling blockers serve as a proactive measure to promote responsible gambling and manage addiction.

In this review and comparison, we will discuss the effectiveness of popular gambling blockers available to players in the UK. Let’s begin!

Types of Gambling Blockers

There are different types of gambling blockers available online. From self-exclusion schemes to website blockers and app constraints, there are many tools you can use to control and avoid harmful gaming behaviours. Here we will shed light on both free and paid tools for online gambling enthusiast in the UK:

Free Blocking Tools

Are you or someone you know struggling with online gambling but can’t afford to pay for help? Fortunately, there are some reputable free gambling blockers available to help you maintain a safe gaming environment. These free gambling blockers are essential tools for anyone seeking to break free from the grips of excessive online gambling.

  • BetBlocker
    BetBlocker is a charity registered in Scotland that runs entirely on charitable donations. Thus, it is free for everyone and does not even require registration. You can manage access to gambling sites with this tool. BetBlocker offers complete restriction or limited access during vulnerable periods. Additionally, BetBlocker provides Parental Controls, allowing you to oversee and restrict both gambling and adult content using a device.
  • GamStop
    GamStop is a free service for UK players. It empowers you to restrict your online gambling activities. Upon registration, you are barred from using gambling websites and apps licensed in Great Britain for a selected period. The self-exclusion period can be 6 months, 1 year, or 5 years. Today, more than 400,000 people have registered with GamStop.
  • SpelPaus
    Developed by the Swedish Gambling Authority, SpelPaus is an online self-exclusion program. It was introduced in 2019. With a quick registration process, you can choose a pause duration of 1, 3, 6, or 12 months. It provides instant protection against unwanted gambling activities. Notably, SpelPaus recently celebrated reaching 100,000 registered users, showcasing its effectiveness in gambling harm prevention.
  • GamBan
    While GamBan offers a premium paid version, it also provides a free option for UK residents through TalkBanStop partnership. This tool is available worldwide and blocks thousands of gambling websites and apps globally. Moreover, you can install GamBan across multiple devices (including iOS and Android) for constant protection in case of willpower lapses. The blocklist is regularly updated.

Premium Tools to Block Gambling Sites

Premium tools offer a higher level of protection as compared to free gambling blockers and services. These advanced applications provide enhanced features and customization options to curb your gambling impulses. Improve self-regulation efforts by incorporating these premium tools for block gambling sites:

  • BetFilter
    Developed in collaboration with the Center For Ludomani in Denmark, BetFilter undergoes rigorous testing on those with real gambling problems. The software operates discreetly and you can’t uninstall it before the licence period ends. A yearly licence for BetFilter costs $69.95, providing comprehensive protection against online gambling temptations. An extended two-year licence will cost $118.90.
  • GamBlock
    GamBlock is a specialised blocking software designed to swiftly restrict access to gambling websites and apps across different devices. It is ideal for problem gamblers looking to enforce self-exclusion but at the same time, it works for casual players for occasional breaks. This versatile tool can even function as a parental control tool, managing and restricting internet activities. The price depends on the version, the number of devices, and the desired protection period you choose.
  • NetNanny
    For a comprehensive approach to online safety, NetNanny stands out as a multifaceted solution. It is priced between £39.99 to £89.99 per year, depending on the number of devices. NetNanny has a wide range of tools such as parental controls, website blockers, internet filters, app blockers, and screen time management. It is also compatible with various operating systems, including iOS and Android.
  • Cold Turkey
    Cold Turkey is a website blocker designed to block websites and apps. It is suitable for avid gamblers because you can use it to block casino sites. It even allows you to block the entire internet. You can also use Cold Turkey as a browser extension. The best part is that you only have to pay once. With a one-time payment of just £29.00 you get lifetime access.
Gambling Blocking Tool Functional Countries Blocked Notable Feature Price (Free/Paid)
BetBlocker Comprehensive site blocking, self-exclusion options Worldwide Cross-Platform Support Free
GamStop National self-exclusion program UK Collaboration with UK Operators Free
SpelPaus Swedish self-exclusion program Sweden Integration with Swedish Licensed Operators Free
GamBan Self-exclusion tool, blocks online gambling sites Worldwide Real-time Exclusion Notifications Free/Paid (Additional features)
BetFilter Blocks gambling sites Worldwide Customizable settings Paid
GamBlock Blocks access to gambling sites Worldwide Real-Time Blocking Updates Paid
NetNanny Parental control software, site blocking features Worldwide Web Filtering for Families Paid
Cold Turkey Website and application blocker, customizable Worldwide Focus Mode for Productivity Free/Paid (Additional features)

Implementing Gambling Blockers: Simple Steps

It’s easy to use online gambling blockers as a safeguard against excessive gaming habits. Most of these tools have a user-friendly interface so anyone can exercise control over their online wagering activities. Here are the basic steps on how to use gambling blockers for safe and responsible gambling in the UK:

  • Device Settings
    Whether using a PC or mobile phone, you can take control of your gambling habits by navigating to your device settings. Access the parental controls feature and set up restrictions to limit access to gambling websites. You can also create a secure environment by activating the content filters available on most devices.
  • Router Configuration
    With the UK’s rising concern about gambling, configuring your router’s access controls can prevent easy access to gambling platforms. You can set the route to block specific websites. For this, you need to go to Access Control if you own a TP-Link router. Some routers include default parental control which you can also use to block online casino and sports betting sites.
  • Dedicated Gambling Blockers
    Another option is to pick dedicated gambling blocker apps and services. Explore and install reputable gambling addiction prevention apps that offer robust features like website blocking, time restrictions, and self-exclusion tools. These specialized blockers have many helpful resources to help with online gambling temptations.

Popular Questions About Gambling Blockers

How do gambling blockers work to restrict access to gambling websites?

Gambling blockers use filters to prevent and restrict access to gambling websites. These tools often rely on databases of known gambling sites, employing algorithms to detect and block such content. So, they operate at the network level, intercepting and prohibiting requests to various gambling domains.

What are the key features of effective gambling blocking software?

Effective gambling blocking software typically have many features such as comprehensive databases, real-time updates, time restrictions, payment restrictions and self-exclusion programs. Advanced algorithms continuously analyse website content while regular updates improve accuracy in identifying and blocking gambling sites.

Are there differences between free and paid gambling blockers in terms of features and effectiveness?

While some free gambling blockers offer basic functionalities, paid versions generally have more advanced features and frequent updates. Premium services also include additional tools, such as reporting and monitoring features. Overall, investing in a premium solution delivers a more robust and reliable protection against gambling temptations.

Can gambling blockers be customised to block specific types of gambling content or websites?

Yes, some gambling blockers have customizations which allows you to tailor the software to your specific needs. This way you can block certain types of gambling content or websites. This flexibility empowers you to create personalised restrictions based on your vulnerabilities.