What Is GambleAware and How Does It Help Problem Gamblers

what is gambleaware

Responsible gambling emphasises maintaining control over your gambling behaviour to ensure it stays as a form of entertainment – and not something that causes emotional or financial harm to you or your loved ones. It begins with understanding the risks associated with gambling, setting limits, and perhaps most importantly, seeking help when it’s getting out of control.

In that regard, a few organisations have come together and made life easier for gamblers in the UK. GambleAware is one such prominent organisation that’s dedicated to promoting responsible gambling. It further addresses gambling-related harm. As a charitable organisation, it has been instrumental in supporting people of all ages and regions who have been affected by problem gambling.

What is GambleAware?

GambleAware is a British organisation working toward ensuring responsible gambling. And instead of just ensuring it with the help of certain systems, it believes in actively empowering the punter or the gambler so they can make better decisions for themselves. Incidentally, we cannot help but note that GambleAware UK has a particularly holistic approach that’s superior to the traditional anti-gambling policy making that we’re all familiar with.

So, how does the organisation help gamblers in the UK? Well, the mission of GambleAware is to equip you with the right kind of knowledge. As such, the most important task of the organisation is spreading awareness and providing tools for education. They have multiple initiatives that raise awareness about the potential risks of gambling and the importance of responsible behaviour.

GambleAware also promotes responsible gambling, while operating independently, with other means. For once, it provides support and treatment. It uses its funds and collaborates with other organisations as well as treatment providers to offer assistance to those struggling with gambling-related problems.

Notably, the organisation also supports research projects aimed at developing a better understanding of the causes and effects, including societal repercussions and long-term harm, of gambling-related behaviours.

How Does GambleAware Help UK Gamblers?

GambleAware helps UK gamblers in a variety of ways. For starters, it operates and funds educational and treatment initiatives while also partnering with other organisations with a similarly holistic approach. It also works closely with the gambling industry itself, as well as the regulators and other stakeholders to create a safer gambling environment for all.

Services Provided by GambleAware

There are four main services that GambleAware provides:

  • Advice, tools & support: GambleAware consults experts and takes lessons from troubled histories to provide spot-on advice. You can get in touch with them while remaining anonymous.
  • National Gambling Support Network: The NGSN is a group of organisations spread over Great Britain, specialising in providing free treatment. Its helpline takes 42,000 calls a year.
  • Research: GambleAware commissions research projects and evaluations to improve what we know about gambling and the prevention of harm. All of the research projects are kept independent of gambling operators.
  • Campaigns: Lastly, the organisation also works on various national-level campaigns to provide support to local services and partners.

Support Programs

If you get in touch with them using the Gamble Aware helpline, they will be able to suggest the right support program for you. For example, if you’re at risk of gambling harm, you will have dedicated support working toward the benefit of your own as well as those around you. GambleAware has various support programs targeted at different audiences. For example:

  • Budgeting and spending control support programs
  • Self-exclusion programs
  • Gambling blocking software
  • Support for limiting gambling ads online

Helpline and Counselling Services Offered by GambleAware

There is no direct helpline that will take you to GambleAware. With their motto to make you Be Gambling Aware, they do have other channels, however. On the official GambleAware website, they have listed the national gambling helpline, which is 0808 8020 133. If you click on the live chat button, you will be taken to the page with Gamcare chat. It’s important to note that GambleAware partners with other organisations extensively.

GambleAware's Collaboration with Gambling Operators

One of the distinctive features of GambleAware’s approach to promoting responsible gambling lies in its collaborative efforts with gambling operators. Actively engaging with all sorts of gambling operators, such as casino websites, game providers, bookies, online bingo operators, and so on allows GambleAware to do its job better.

They also get in touch with some of the trusted non GamStop casinos, as data from the customer base of these platforms is also necessary.

Betway, a prominent online gambling operator, has collaborated with GambleAware to support research projects focused on understanding the patterns and predictors of problematic gambling behaviour. Similarly, William Hill and 888 Holdings also have active collaborations with GambleAware. The list is long.

Now, it’s not just game operators that are part of the gambling industry. GambleAware knows that and plays a pivotal role in providing the funding to support research, education, and treatment facilitated by various organisations, agencies, stakeholders, and nonprofits focused on gambling-related harm.

This funding supports research endeavours exploring effective interventions, educational campaigns to raise awareness, and treatment services for those in need. Overall, GambleAware plays a prominent role in collaborating with multiple bodies to allocate resources to projects that aim to further the understanding and prevention of problem gambling in the UK.

The Impact of GambleAware's Initiatives

GambleAware has had a lot of impact over the last few years. As part of its Organisational Strategy 2021-26, it plans to create a society where everyone is safe from gambling harms. Four large gambling operators have pledged £100 million to the charity by 2024. This will help the organisation continue its work on research, education, and treatment initiatives.

The organisation releases an annual report. The GambleAware Impact Report 2022-23 can be found on the official website. This report provides statistics on the number of individuals helped and supported through the National Gambling Treatment Service (NGTS) in 2022. According to the report, 7,072 clients received structured treatment in the NGTS between April 2021 and March 2022. The report also highlights the following key statistics:

  • 92% of the clients demonstrated problematic gambling behaviour as defined by the Problem Gambling Severity Index (PGSI).
  • 92% of clients who completed treatment had reductions in their PGSI score.
  • 50% of clients were seen within five days of contacting the NGTS.
  • 63% of clients completed treatment.


Is using the site free of charge?

Yes, using the website is free of charge. The site provides information and resources related to responsible gambling, and its services are accessible to users without any cost. As a charity organisation, all of its services are free of charge.

What are the goals of the GambleAware charity campaign?

GambleAware’s primary goals include promoting responsible gambling, raising awareness about the risks associated with gambling, and providing support and treatment for individuals affected by problem gambling. The charity aims to minimise gambling-related harm through education, research, and collaborative efforts with various stakeholders in the gambling industry.

Is GambleAware only for UK residents?

While GambleAware primarily focuses on addressing gambling-related harm in the United Kingdom, its resources, information, and support services are generally accessible to anyone, regardless of residency. However, the specific treatment services funded by GambleAware may be more regionally focused. For example, international casinos not with GamStop are completely outside the purview of GambleAware.

How can I contact GambleAware for assistance?

GambleAware provides a helpline for individuals seeking assistance with gambling-related issues. In the UK, you can contact the National Gambling Helpline at 0808 8020 133. The helpline is available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Additionally, you can find contact details and further information on their official website or initiate a chat with Gamcare from this website.

Is GambleAware affiliated with any gambling operators?

No. On the contrary, it works with the government and completely independently when it comes to commissioning research projects. GambleAware collaborates with gambling operators as part of its responsible gambling initiatives. These collaborations often involve funding partnerships for research, education, and treatment programs. The aim is to work together with the gambling industry to implement measures that prioritise player well-being and address gambling-related harm.

Can I access resources on anonymously?

Yes, individuals can access resources on anonymously. The website is designed to provide information and support confidentially. Users can explore resources, take self-assessment tools, and find information about responsible gambling without disclosing personal information unless they choose to seek direct assistance through the helpline or support services. Staying anonymous while you interact with GambleAware is also possible.