Where Can I Gamble Online If I’m Self-Excluded?

continue gambling after self-exclusion

If your gambling habits have started causing you personal, financial, or emotional issues, you might be in danger of gambling addiction. Luckily, there are programs which offer you community support and protection from excessive casino content – these are called self-exclusion programs.

This article explains the workings of such programmes and presents you with alternative gambling options if you opt for self-exclusion. However, self-excluded individuals need to be especially mindful of their gambling habits, which is where responsible gambling tools come in. Therefore, the article recommends some tools for a safe and cautious gambling experience during self-exclusion and outlines the importance of their role.

Understanding of Self-Exclusion

Self-exclusion or voluntary exclusion is a programme aimed at helping people address their gambling issues. If you start losing control in gambling or gambling starts causing you personal or financial problems, you might want to consider self-exclusion. People involved in this programme voluntarily agree to stay away from gambling activities and environments for an agreed time period.

Mechanics of Self-Exclusion Programs

In self-exclusion programmes, a person enters a voluntary agreement with gambling operators and providers. This agreement states that the person will avoid gambling activities for a period of their choice. This allows the individual to take a break from excessive gambling and reshift their focus to other important areas of their life.

Self-exclusion can be requested both in online casinos and on casino premises. After formally agreeing to curb gambling activities, keeping this promise is the individual’s responsibility. In case you do try to gamble during the agreement period, casino websites or premises will usually take some reasonable steps to prevent it.

What Brands Are Covered by Self-Exclusion

Self-exclusion covers a range of different brands, depending on the type of exclusion scheme you opt for. If you enter a multi-operator self-exclusion scheme, you will be voluntarily excluded from multiple gambling premises of a certain type. These can encompass betting shops, casinos, bingo premises, etc.

If your excessive gambling activities are related to casino websites, you can choose to self-exclude from UK-based online gambling activities via GamStop and all GamStop participating companies will restrict the access to your account shortly after the registration. If you want to be excluded only from one particular casino operator, that’s also a viable option.

Therefore, being self-excluded doesn’t mean you’re banned from all types of gambling – instead, it enables you to approach your problem in a targeted manner.

Options for Continued Play During Self-Exclusion

Self-exclusion can be a beneficial step for controlling your gambling. However, it doesn’t mean that it prevents you from using other gambling options.

For example, you can engage in gambling in casinos not linked with GamStop even if you enter a GamStop scheme. These casinos usually don’t require your personal and payment details, or they are based in other parts of the world. However, we strongly recommend using them in a controlled manner. Responsible gambling behaviour will help you get back on track and maximally benefit from your self-exclusion scheme.

No Verification Casinos

No verification casinos are anonymous casinos which allow you to gamble without registration or verification. In other words, they don’t require your national ID or other documentation to verify your identity. Therefore, they cannot establish whether a person is involved in a self-exclusion programme. Contrary to popular opinion, no-verification casinos can still be safe, reputable, and credible.

Independent Casinos

Independent casinos not involved in GamStop and other exclusion programmes are a great choice if you’re a self-excluded player who wants to continue gambling in a safe environment. These casinos offer non-restricted access without exposing you to potential scams and shady deals. Furthermore, some of these casinos are top-ranked and offer high bonuses.

Crypto Casinos

If you want to gamble anonymously, cryptocurrencies are a great payment option. Users of cryptocurrencies can retain their anonymity on the Internet and continue gambling even if they’ve entered a self-exclusion programme. Crypto casinos usually accept multiple cryptocurrencies, so just find the one that accepts your currency of choice and enjoy gambling in privacy!

Non-UK Licensed Casinos

Another option for self-excluded individuals is to play in casinos registered outside of the UK which don’t have to comply with the UK rules and regulations. Of course, not all offshore casinos are reputable, so you need to make sure to find a trustworthy and safe non-UK casino that accepts British players.

Responsible Gambling Tools During Self-Exclusion

In case you decide to gamble while in self-exclusion, it’s a good idea to use some responsible gambling tools to help keep your gambling habits in check. Here you can find some recommended gambling blockers and other useful tools that you can install on your devices. Keep reading to find out more!

Gambling Blockers and More

Gambling blockers are tools that you can install on the devices you use to access gambling content. Most of them are subscription-based, but you can also find some free options. Once you’ve installed a gambling blocker, adjust the settings according to your gambling habits. You can block certain options such as e-sports betting or you can restrict access to all gambling sites and applications. These bans can apply for a shorter or longer period of time, based on your preferences and needs.

  • Gamban: Gamban is a subscription-based online app used for blocking gambling content from all across the world. It features two options: the Cool Off option, which offers you a short break, and the Exclusion option, which offers you yearly protection from gambling opportunities.
  • GamBlock: GamBlock is a software that prevents you from accessing gambling websites. It’s subscription-based and it can be used across all your devices. It employs sophisticated technology to recognize emerging gambling apps and web pages, ensuring maximum protection from excessive gambling activity.
  • Betblocker: Betblocker is the perfect option if you’re looking for a free tool that can help you avoid the risk of uncontrolled gambling. It has a password-regulated parental option which you can use to protect your child from accessing gambling websites. Restrictions can be set to a shorter or longer period.
  • Betfilter: Betfilter is a software designed to stop individuals from unregulated gambling. It’s been tested on people with real gambling problems, which adds to its credibility and user-friendliness. It’s subscription-based and compatible with all devices. It’s impossible to uninstall Betfilter until your software licence expires.

Tips on How to Play When You Are Under Self-Exclusion

Self-exclusion is an important tool for regulating your gambling habits. If your gambling environment is secure and controlled, you are likely to get more enjoyment from the experience. To achieve that, follow our tips for safe playing during self-exclusion.

Avoid the Temptation to Revisit Restricted Platforms

Self-exclusion encompasses UK-based gambling platforms. If you’re restricted from visiting them, try to have the willpower to stick to that agreement. Failing to stick to the self-exclusion agreement might lead to some unwanted measures taken by the casino.

Opt For Casinos With Minimal Verification Processes

If you want to be on the safe side while playing in self-exclusion, avoid using websites with extensive verification processes. A higher level of privacy will keep you safe and anonymous, therefore minimising the risk of being in breach of the self-exclusion agreement.

Explore Responsible Gambling Tools

To keep yourself from relapsing into old habits, consider using some tools and applications for responsible gambling. For example, you can take a short break from gambling activities by blocking your access to casino content for a short period of time.

Contact Hotlines Focused On Helping Self-Excluded Players

Remember that you’re not alone. The purpose of self-exclusion programmes is to provide support to individuals with gambling issues. Look for a local hotline in your area and contact them if you’re in need of immediate and professional assistance.


Self-exclusion is an ideal tool for people who recognise that their gambling habits are becoming harmful, but need additional support with this issue. However, some individuals might be afraid that gambling would be completely impossible during self-exclusion. As we have demonstrated in this article, that is far from the truth.

If you want to continue playing during self-exclusion, there are various gambling sites accessible to self-excluded UK players. To be on the safe side, download and use a gambling blocker tool that can help you keep your gambling habits in check. Follow our tips to play responsibly, even in self-exclusion.

FAQ About Continuing To Play When Self-Excluded

Are there responsible gambling tools that can help me during self-exclusion?

Yes, there are some tools for responsible gambling that can help you retain control over your gambling habits during self-exclusion. We recommend gambling blockers such as Gamban, GamBlock, Betblocker, and Betfilter. Most of them are subscription-based, but some of them are free.

Can I set limits for my online gambling activities while self-excluded?

If you need help setting limits for your casino activities, we strongly recommend using the appropriate features of the previously mentioned gambling tools. They enable you to set custom limits for blocking your access to gambling content. These limits can range from one day to several years.

Are Crypto Casinos a viable option for those self-excluded in the UK?

Yes, crypto casinos can be used by the players involved in self-exclusion programmes in the UK. Using cryptocurrencies can keep you anonymous on the Internet, which helps protect your identity. Make sure to find a reliable and trustworthy crypto casino before getting involved in such activities.

What does self-exclusion mean in online gambling?

In the UK, self-exclusion in online gambling is usually implemented through a GamStop programme. This programme blocks the individual’s access to all UK-based online casinos for an agreed period of time. You need to enter into this agreement voluntarily.