GamBan Review

gamban overview

Fighting gambling addiction has been a challenge for millions of individuals in the UK over the years. Despite gambling being a way of relieving stress and having fun, others use it as a source of income. As a result, many people end up facing problems in their gambling activities as they chase to win more.

If you are struggling with gambling problems, you can opt for GamBan, a program that helps individuals stay away from gambling apps and sites. Since its launch in 2016, betting self-exclusion and other responsible gaming options have positively impacted online gaming. This is ascertained by 70,000+ blocked websites, 250,000+ licences activated, and over 90% customer satisfaction. Check our guide to learn how GamBan works, its key features, pros and cons, and GamBan alternatives.

How GamBan Works

Stopping online gambling might be a hard choice to make. GamBan features the safest, cheapest, and most effective tools to control your gambling behaviour. It assists gamblers with betting-related issues to manage their problematic gambling by blocking access to online casino sites.

Being an easy-to-explore platform, account holders can monitor their progress. Also, it allows users to use layered protection in addition to getting resources and excellent care to speed up their recovery.

Once you install GamBan on your device, you will not be able to access gambling websites and apps, making it an ideal tool to curb problem gambling. The software can be installed on computers and mobile devices quickly.

Key Features of GamBan

GamBan includes a myriad of superb features, including a simple installation process, access to live support & valuable resources, and the ability to manage devices online. The GamBan software is compatible with Mac OS, Android, Windows, and iOS/iPad devices. Besides the features, GamBan can help you save time & money, reduce stress, gain peace of mind, and avoid temptation.

Pros of Using GamBan

GamBan is among the popular responsible gambling tools in the gaming industry, helping bettors block access to online betting platforms. This software comes with many benefits, some of which include.

Simple Installation

It’s easy to download and install GamBan software on any mobile or desktop device you use. For iOS and Android users, head to Apple or Google Play Store to start the installation process. In case of any difficulties, reach support.

Cross-Platform Compatibility

Another great feature of GamBan software is its ability to work flawlessly across all mobile & desktop devices, browsers, and operating systems. Therefore, gamblers can install and configure GamBan applications on iOS, Mac OS, Windows, and Android devices.

Effective Blocking

GamBan application is commonly used on offshore online bookmakers because of its effective blocking capabilities. With this software, players can lock their access to sports betting platforms, avoiding irresponsible gambling habits.

Privacy Protection

With the privacy policy in place, the GamBan application ensures that individual and payment details are encrypted and always secured. You can be confident that your info will not be given to a third party without your consent.

Free to Use

Upon installing the software, you can use the free version for 14 days. This period lets you test the application and gauge if it’s the perfect tool before subscribing to the premium version, which costs £2.99 per month or £24.99 per year.

Cons of Join GamBan

Besides the positives, GamBan has its flaws too. From the user reviews, existing ways around blocking, possible false positives, and no options for early removal are some of the downsides. Below are detailed explanations of each con.

Exist Ways Around Blocking

Research has shown that a certain percentage of British players still access non GamStop online casinos even with GamBan software configured on their devices. Some reported that GamBan stopped functioning after rebooting their devices, while others claimed that they could close the application and gamble freely.

Possible False Positives

Besides the existing ways around blocking, some users reported that GamBan has false positive issues. This means that the application unintentionally blocks players’ access to non-casino applications or websites.

No Option for Early Removal

GamBan offers no early removal options until your subscription expires. This is because GamBan wants to make sure you have overcome your problem gambling and you are not trying to bypass it to go back to gambling.

Alternatives to GamBan for Responsible Gambling

With plenty of new online gambling sites thrown into the online gaming industry almost every day, the risk of gambling addiction continues to rise. Therefore, many responsible gambling tools have been developed to limit addictive gambling among individuals. Some of these tools are premium, while others are free to use. They include:


GamBan is among the best responsible gambling software for your problematic gambling. Having an impressive record of 35,000+ active users, 70,000+ blocked websites, and 250,000+ licences activated, you can trust it with your gambling issues. Moreover, its simple installation process, cross-platform compatibility, and 90% customer satisfaction make it stand out.

However, possible false positives may make the software block sites and apps unrelated to gambling, creating inconveniences. Try out GamBan today on your mobile, windows, or Mac OS device to free yourself from addictive gambling.

Popular Questions About GamBan

How does GamBan work?

The GamBan application offers several ways to help you manage your gambling. The first is helping gamblers to monitor their progress. Additionally, it allows you to use multi-layered protection. You can access resources and support care for your irresponsible gambling habits.

How can I uninstall GamBan?

You can uninstall GamBan from your device anytime. To remove the software, follow the instructions provided on the website. However, it is good to note that your protection from gambling apps and sites is deactivated once you remove the software.

Can GamBan be bypassed?

Yes. Gamblers can download and configure the GamBan application and still be able to bypass it using VPN and Tor software. Indeed, the availability of bypassing tactics is among the biggest challenges that face GamBan as it makes it look ineffective.

Is GamBan a free service?

No, GamBan is a premium responsible gambling application with a subscription fee of €24.99 annually. You can pay a one-off fee annually or renew your subscription monthly.

Can I use GamBan in the UK?

Yes, you can use the GamBan in the UK. With the rise of online gambling activities, the UK saw the need for an effective problem gambling tool. GamBan, therefore, helps individuals who recognise their gambling habits and seek to stop them.