What Is BetBlocker and How Does It Work?

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Gambling addiction is an issue in the United Kingdom and other countries, especially with the rising number of online casinos, eSportsbooks, and other types of digital betting platforms. Measures have thus been put in place to manage the situation. One of these measures is the roll-out of self-exclusion tools, such as the downloadable BetBlocker application that allows players to deny themselves entry to wagering sites.

The digital self-exclusion tools like BetBlocker app are consistent with the principles of responsible gambling, which the gambling industry upholds and promotes. Most of these tools are available for non GamStop sports books and casinos without UK licence. It works on desktops, laptops, tablets, smartphones, and other computing devices that could give you access to online betting. Whilst some won’t cost you anything, others run on paid subscriptions.

What Is BetBlocker?

BetBlocker is a self-exclusion tool that’s programmed to restrict your device from visiting 75,000-plus digital betting platforms and apps. You’re not required to register, so you don’t have to share your personal information if you decide to use it.

BetBlocker is a free service. It’s available in England, Scotland, Wales, Northern Ireland, and elsewhere in the world, which means that you can use it while you’re at home or abroad. The app has short-term and long-term restriction modes, and it lets you ‘calendar’ or set your preferred no-gambling dates in advance. If you’re a dad or mum who’s worried that your minor children might access gambling sites with their devices, BetBlocker’s parental controls can help you block them.

Using BetBlocker: Benefits and Drawbacks

Since its 2017 launch, the BetBlocker app has been active on the devices of thousands of self-excluding players within and outside of Great Britain. It isn’t meant to solve the excessive-betting problem completely, but it could put us players in control. Check out some of BetBlocker’s pros and cons below:

Pros of BetBlocker

Experience tells us that BetBlocker is effective overall, particularly for users who don’t want to stop betting online altogether but want to play responsibly, anyway. Some of the most important benefits of using the app are:

Free Service

As mentioned earlier, BetBlocker costs nothing to download, install, and use. The gratis service is provided by the UK-based, a not-for-profit organisation with headquarters in Scotland. The funds being used to operate the app come from individual donors and institutional benefactors from various sectors.

Multi-Platform Exclusion

BetBlocker works well on smartphones, tablets, laptops, and desktops. If you’re using your mobile device, you may download the tool from the App Store (for iOS) or Google Play (for Android). Installation only takes a couple of minutes, and you can use it right away.

Customisable Exclusion Periods

The app will give you the freedom and flexibility to choose how long you want to go on self-exclusion. The shortest duration option is 24 hours (or 1 whole day), whilst the longest is 5 years (or 120 months). You may also set your self-exclusion period days in advance.

Synergistic GamStop Support

The BetBlocker application is compatible with GamStop, which is the UK Gambling Commission-supported national self-exclusion registry. The tool actually provides an extra layer of protection because it blocks many non-GamStop affiliated casinos in the UK and rogue sites in most parts of the globe.

Extensive Operator Coverage

The tool has an extensive database of digital gambling platforms operating across the African, Asian, Australian, European, North American, and South American continents. With BetBlocker, you can restrict yourself from accessing well over 75,000 sites and 1,500 apps that relate to gambling, whether you’re at home or overseas.

Cons of BetBlocker

Although effective overall, BetBlocker is far from perfect. The service does have a not-so-good side, too, just like other apps that are meant to prevent us from going overboard with our online-wagering habits. Some of the app’s drawbacks are:

Limited Scope

BetBlocker focuses on digital betting platforms. This means it won’t be able to help you bar yourself from physical or land-based casinos, betting shops, and similar wagering establishments. All the same, the app is a good way to start with your voluntary restriction from gambling.

Technical Limitations

The BetBlocker tool works with standard web browsers and generally does its job of barring users from entering online gambling sites during their selected exclusion period. However, it may not be sophisticated enough. So, if you’re a tech-savvy user wishing to end your exclusion prematurely, you’d easily find workarounds and ways to ‘game the system’.

Potential for False Positives

The app does have its flaws. One of these is its blocking algorithm, which sometimes produces false positives and could erroneously prevent you from visiting sites or using apps not related to gambling. If you plan on using BetBlocker, you may expect disruptions of this sort.

Alternative Responsible Gambling Tools for UK Users

If you’re a resident of Great Britain or Northern Ireland, and you’re looking to keep your wagering lifestyle in check, there are several technology-based, betting self-exclusion solutions you can use. BetBlocker is only one of several apps that are currently available in the country. Here are some more responsible gambling services and tools that you may want to consider:


Bet-blocking tools and services, such as the BetBlocker app, are welcome amongst us players who would like to limit our gambling activities, if not do away with them for good. Deciding to use these solutions is a way to tell ourselves that our betting habits are under control. It’s also to affirm that we’re in command of our lives, amidst or despite our wagering inclinations. This is important not only for ourselves but for our loved ones, too, who are likely to suffer the impact of our betting lifestyle.

FAQ About BetBlocker

Are there any alternative self-exclusion tools besides BetBlocker?

Yes, there are. BetBlocker is just one of several self-exclusion tools that you can download for your device, although it’s thus far the only app that you can use for free. Alternative self-exclusion tools include GamBlock, Gamban, BetFilter, and Net Nanny, each of which has a set of paid subscription plans.

How does the user experience differ when accessing gambling sites with BetBlocker enabled?

With the BetBlocker tool up and running, you won’t be able to access thousands upon thousands of gambling sites and apps that are in its database. You’ll need to wait for your selected exclusion period to end before BetBlocker lifts the restrictions from your device.

Can I download BetBlocker for free?

Absolutely! BetBlocker doesn’t charge for the download, installation, set-up, short-term use, long-term use, or lifetime use. It’s totally free of charge. The owners are a UK charity, and they can afford to provide these gratis services to the gambling public because they’re being funded by donations.

Can I bypass BetBlocker?

Yes, technically speaking. You can bypass BetBlocker, especially if you’ve got advanced knowledge on manipulating software. But doing so will defeat your purpose of minimising or eliminating your urges to wager excessively. Doing so will also have wasted your time volunteering to take a break from your gambling habits.

What sites are blocked by BetBlocker?

The sites and apps that BetBlocker will deny you access to are digital betting platforms and those that promote gambling. There are at least 75,000 sites and 1,500 apps that this bet-stopping tool can block right now. The database keeps expanding, though, with wagering platforms being continuously reported by the concerned users themselves.