Barclays Gambling Block Review

barclays gambling block review

Responsible gambling tools exist to make your online gambling experience pleasant and fun without ever spiralling out of control and going into problematic gambling. That is where the Barclays gambling block comes in – the tool is made to protect you from all potentially triggering betting sites, including casinos and sportsbooks.

As your bank, Barclays offers multiple tools to help you create a safe environment to gamble responsibly, regardless of the gambling platform you use. In this review, we explore the features Barclays offers you, their price, how to activate them, and even what alternatives you can use.

How Barclays Block Gambling Works Explained

Barclays has multiple approaches to blocking gambling and protecting you from problematic gambling habits online. First, you can activate the transaction tagging feature, which labels every payment you make at an online casino or sportsbook, which can help you track your spending.

In addition to that, you can put a gambling block on your transactions, which means that you won’t be able to make payments to and from specific gambling retailers that you choose.

If you feel that you have trouble controlling your gambling urges, you can activate the cooldown period feature. This feature essentially includes temporarily freezing your card so you can’t spend money.

Each of these tools for responsible gambling are helpful in its own way, and the one you choose should always depend on your self-assessment and what you feel will work best.

Factor Description
Cost Free
Cooling-Off Period Temporarily freeze your card for a period that you choose
Activation Options Block some or all gambling retailers, activate the transaction tagging feature
Additional Support Access to GamCare, Citizens Advice, National Debtline

How to Block Gambling with Barclays

Barclays makes it easy to self-prevent from spending money on online gambling platforms since its goal is to protect you and your finances. If you don’t know how to activate the Barclays block, just follow the steps listed below:

  1. Get in touch with Barclays: You can get in touch with Barclays either through the dedicated phone lines or through the customer support email. Provide the required information about your bank account and tell the agent what you want to do.
  2. List the retailers you want to block: Once you explain that you want to block certain transactions, you can provide a list of the gambling retailers on which you want to be blocked from making payments. The bank might take a day to process your request.
  3. Access the Barclays app: If you prefer to do the blocking yourself, you can open the Barclays app and input the details for all the online gambling platforms, be it casinos or sportsbooks, that you want to be blocked from making payments on.
  4. Enter the gambling platforms you want to block: Make sure to input the correct details, such as the title of the casino and the correct website URL, so that the Barclays app can block your payments effectively. You can cancel the block anytime, with a short waiting period.

Alternative Blockers for Gamblers

Though the Barclays gambling block is a wise and effective choice, you don’t have to rely only on it. We compiled a brief list of alternative gambling blockers that offer even more in-depth protection than the one that Barclays Bank provides you as a customer, so check it out:

Popular Questions About Barclays Gambling Block

How to activate Barclays gambling block?

You can activate the Barclays gambling block by contacting the bank’s customer support desk or by using the app. Whichever way you choose, you just need to provide the details for all the gambling sites that you want to block.

Can I customize the block settings?

Definitely! You can choose which gambling retailers you want to block, and you can even customize the period for which you want to block a particular gambling site or retailer, so the details are entirely up to you to decide upon.

Does Barclays gambling block cover online and offline transactions?

Most definitely! You can choose to block online and offline transactions to specific gambling operators and even block phone line transactions. That way, you can protect yourself from all sides, regardless of whether you like betting online or in brick-and-mortar casinos and sportsbooks.

How quickly does Barclays gambling block take effect after activation?

If you go through the app, the Barclays gambling block takes effect immediately after you input the required information. If you go through the customer support desk, the process might take a few hours and up to a day before it goes into effect.