BACTA Self-Exclusion: A Closer Look

BACTA self-exclusion

The gambling industry is ensuring a healthy balance between enjoyment and responsible behaviour. One crucial aspect of fostering a secure and controlled gambling environment is the concept of self-exclusion. Among the notable players in promoting responsible gambling practices, the British Amusement Catering Trade Association (BACTA) stands out for its comprehensive self-exclusion program.

Online, where you’re limited to playing games on GamStop sites if you wish to make use of self-exclusion, it’s too easy to find casino sites not blocked by GamStop to bypass the exclusion. That’s not the case in the network of land-based entertainment hubs under the purview of BACTA. Once self-excluded, you’ll not be able to gain entry into any BACTA establishment. We delve into the world of BACTA Self-Exclusion, exploring its scope, mechanisms, and the pivotal role it plays in empowering individuals to take charge of their gambling habits.

What is BACTA Self-Exclusion

BACTA has a robust self-exclusion program designed to empower individuals to manage their gambling habits. BACTA self-exclusion, unlike other programs, is tailored specifically to the diverse landscape of land-based gambling within the UK.

Other self-exclusion systems can be bypassed – such as finding casinos not on GamBan to play online casinos. BACTA’s program encompasses various establishments, including adult gaming centres, high street arcades, motorway service areas, and family entertainment centres.

The Self-Exclusion Scheme of BACTA is much stronger than others. The program is not limited to a single venue; rather, it extends its reach across various adult entertainment spaces, ensuring a thorough and inclusive approach to responsible gambling.

What sets BACTA self-exclusion apart is its adaptability to the multifaceted nature of land-based gambling. While other self-exclusion programs may focus on specific gambling domains, BACTA caters to a diverse spectrum.

BACTA’s self-exclusion initiatives are driven by a commitment to promoting responsible gambling practices and providing individuals with the tools to regain control over their gambling behaviour. The primary goals include holistic protection, accessibility, support, and guidance.

How BACTA Self-Exclusion Works

BACTA’s self-exclusion program is designed to be a straightforward process. Getting into it is easy – you can visit a venue for in-person self-exclusion. You can also exclude yourself remotely via phone. You set your own duration during the process. If you don’t put in a request for re-entry, the exclusion automatically continues for another six months.

How to Sign Up at BACTA

You can go to a BACTA venue and talk with a representative to self-exclude yourself. Alternatively, you can also ring up any such venue and explain your situation to them. Here’s a step-by-step guide:

  • Set the Cooling-Off Duration: Before initiating the self-exclusion process, consider setting a cooling-off duration. This is a short break from gambling activities, allowing you time to reflect on your decision to self-exclude. Determine the length of this cooling-off period, which can range from a few days to a few weeks.
  • Determine the Self-Exclusion Period: Choose a self-exclusion period between six and twelve months. Once set, this duration remains in place, and you can only return to gambling after actively requesting to do so. There is no way to reduce the duration or to gain re-entry in any other way, and your request will be honoured across all BACTA establishments.
  • Capture Your Photo: Your photograph will be taken as part of the self-exclusion process. This photo serves as a visual aid for staff at gaming venues to identify you during the exclusion period. Ensure that the photograph is clear and accurately represents you to prevent any potential issues during subsequent visits to gambling establishments.
  • Read and Accept Terms & Conditions: Familiarise yourself with the terms and conditions of BACTA’s self-exclusion program. Ensure that you understand the commitments and restrictions associated with the process. It’s your responsibility to know all the terms and conditions mentioned as well as to ask in case you have any doubts before you sign up for the self-exclusion.
  • Verify Customer Identity: Your identity will be verified before your self-exclusion is greenlit. BACTA establishments are not like casinos that don’t have ID verification requirements. Only after the verification will your request be processed. This may involve providing personal information to confirm your identity and ensure the security of the self-exclusion program. Verification is a standard practice to safeguard the integrity of the program and protect individuals seeking to control their gambling habits.

Benefits and Limitations

The primary advantage lies in the comprehensive nature of the program, allowing participants to exclude themselves from various land-based gambling venues within their vicinity. As the time frame can be tweaked anywhere from 6 to 12 months, you have better control over how long you wish to abstain from gambling.

Nevertheless, while BACTA’s self-exclusion covers a substantial array of land-based gambling establishments, it may not address online gambling concerns. Individuals should remain vigilant and seek additional support if needed. Furthermore, self-exclusion is a personal commitment, and success relies on individual determination and adherence to the agreed-upon terms.

If you’re committed to responsible gambling and looking to take proactive steps toward a healthier relationship with gambling, BACTA’s self-exclusion can certainly help.

How to Cancel BACTA Self-Exclusion

Online self-exclusion programs are easier to cancel. For example, if you know how to stop GamStop, then you know that it’s usually done in a few steps. However, BACTA self-exclusion is a little more difficult, though still pretty straightforward.

First of all, cancelling a BACTA self-exclusion requires careful consideration. To cancel BACTA self-exclusion, individuals must actively reach out to BACTA Self-Exclusion Services at 020 3930 9769 during their operating hours (Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm).

Seeking additional support or guidance during this decision-making process is encouraged, and you may find it beneficial to engage with the support network provided by BACTA or other organisations with their own dedicated helplines. This is critical if you wish to ensure a responsible approach to cancelling the BACTA self-exclusion.


If you frequent any BACTA establishment and are not feeling excellent about the way it’s affecting you or those close to you, especially financially, then it’s time to seriously consider BACTA’s self-exclusion program. It’s a nifty tool that can save you from months of trouble down the line.

By default, you’re locked into six months. This can be extended, however. Also, if you feel like it, you can contact BACTA and gain re-entry after a thorough verification – though we highly recommend you approach this cancellation process with an awareness of your motivations and an understanding of the potential implications.

FAQ About BACTA’s Self-Exclusion Scheme

What is BACTA’s Self-Exclusion Scheme?

BACTA’s Self-Exclusion Scheme is a voluntary program designed to empower individuals to manage and control their gambling activities. It allows participants to exclude themselves from various types of land-based gambling establishments, such as adult gaming centres, high street arcades, motorway service areas, and family entertainment centres.

How long can I self-exclude with BACTA?

Participants in BACTA’s Self-Exclusion Scheme can choose a self-exclusion period ranging from six months to twelve months. This duration is set at the participant’s discretion and remains fixed once established. Re-entry to gambling establishments after the self-exclusion period requires an active request from the individual.

Can I cancel my self-exclusion at BACTA before the chosen duration expires?

Yes, it is possible to cancel a self-exclusion with BACTA before the chosen duration expires. Individuals who wish to cancel their self-exclusion must contact the BACTA Self-Exclusion Services directly at 020 3930 9769 during their operating hours (Monday to Friday between 9 am and 5 pm). Approach this with awareness of your motivations.

How confidential is the BACTA Self-Exclusion Scheme?

BACTA has always taken confidentiality seriously when it comes to its self-exclusion program. Your personal details that you provide during the self-exclusion process are handled with care and used solely for the purpose of facilitating the exclusion. The scheme prioritises the privacy and security of participants.