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UK Betting Sites Not On Gamstop

Sports fans all over the world had been making bets on all sorts of games for ages. It is one of the additional ways to make any kind of sport more entertaining. But there might be a situation when after a streak of unfortunate bets you decided to self-exclude yourself from betting sites. Here is the solution for anyone who does not have any problems with gambling but just looking for new places and options to bet. One of such options is UK bookies not on Gamstop. We’ve prepared a selection of non Gamstop bookies in the UK that are not part of a self-exclusion program. It is also worth mentioning that playing like this might be risky, as all these sites operate under different gambling laws. Here you can find answers on questions you might have:

  • List of betting sites not covered by Gamstop
  • Kinds of bet that can be placed on such sites
  • List of sports that are covered by sites



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Kind of Sports Football, Cricket, Rugby, Tennis
Payment Methods Credit/Debit Card, Crypto, e-Wallet
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kind of sports on betting sites not on gamstop

The amount of sports you may bet on using the gambling sites not registered with Gamstop is truly fascinating. All the main sports are covered but that is not the end. For instance, if you are a fan of eSport feel free to bet on any kind of game you like the most: CS:GO, Dota, League of Legends.

  • Horse Racing – one of the noblest and oldest sports in the United Kingdom, no wonder it is very popular amongst punters. It has been noted that the total amount of bets made in 2019 was about £4.1 billion which indicates nothing but the popularity of such bets.
  • Rugby – you will be pretty surprised by the variety of bets available for rugby fans. You can start with choosing the league you want to bet on and end with the exact type of bet you want to set. such as handicap bets. Although rugby is a fun game, be careful if you are not really familiar with the rules you may end up losing a pretty significant amount of money.
  • Basketball – this sport is insanely popular in the USA, yet not that common in the UK. But if you are a real fan of this game, and feel confident about yourself feel free to bet on the team you find the most likely to win.
  • Cricket – this is one of the oldest games originated from England. Ages ago it was an informal game played in forests for fun. Now it is a huge industry and beloved sport outside of the UK as well. There are many non Gamstop betting sites at your disposal to lay a bet on this game.
  • Football  – it is without a doubt one of the most popular sports in Europe. It is very unlikely that any betting site not blocked by Gamstop would omit this game as a betting option. Moreover, you can bet on any league you want and pick the betting you like the most.
  • Tennis – yet another one beloved sport in the UK. There is a vast variety of tournaments you can pick a game from to bet on. For example, you may pick the US Open or even Wimbledon. All these bets you can make on any bookies not on Gamstop and is available for anyone who is interested in this exciting sport.
Most Popular UK Sport Football
The Oldest UK Sport Horse Racing, Cricket
Featured UK Sport Baseball
Best Sport Bookies Harry’s Sportsbook

Sportsbooks Not On Gamstop Payment Options

Sportsbooks Not on Gamstop Payment Options

The important thing you should keep in mind when you decide to choose bookies not covered by Gamstop is available payment options. You definitely don’t want to be charged or pay some transaction fees from your bankroll when you decide to payout. Additionally, you need to keep in mind that not deposit options are equal and choose the one without hidden fees. 

The majority of people who signed up to a non Gamstop betting site want to use their debit cards as the main transaction method because it is stable, usually doesn’t have any additional charges, and you are protected by your bank in case of any difficulties. However, there are many other payment systems which you will find on sportsbooks without Gamstop.

Right after the debit cards, digital payment systems are the most popular. This is a great instant way of moving your funds back and forth via your phone or a website. Usually, the registration is very fast and easy, you should fill a simple form, select an activation way, and that’s it. Paypal, Skrill, and Neteller are the most popular e-payment system you will find among bet sites not registered with Gamstop, because they are reliable, safe, and have 24/7 Customer Support.

Another great option is pre-paid vouchers, sportsbooks not blocked by Gamstop work with systems like PaySafeCard. It is very convenient for the punters because you can pre-pay a card when you have time and then use it when you want. 

Finally, a relatively new way that non Gamstop betting sites accept is cryptocurrency. Not only is it a reliable and anonymous payment system, but it also allows you to exchange money from one cryptocurrency to another. Bitcoin is the most popular way in the world and many UK punters already use it with gambling sites which allow crypto methods. Moreover, there are some gambling websites that give additional bonuses if you use Bitcoin.

Pros of Non Gamstop Betting Sites

In case betting site became a part of Gamstop programme their options are strictly limited. But that’s not the case for betting sites not on Gamstop. These sites can offer you a vast variety of bonuses and welcoming free bets. Below is the list of bets you might find tempting to try.

  • Fixed odds - no matter at what point you decided to make a bet, you get the winning based on the event in which there is no fluctuation on the payout.
  • Real-time betting - you can bet right in the middle of the game based on the odds that being updated as a game progresses. If you want you can even make several bets as events unfold and odds may vary during the game.
  • Betting exchange - a relatively new type of betting where you bet on discrete events. There are two types of operations you can make with these kinds of bets. First you can back the bet or in other words, buy it and lay a bet (sell it). These operations may be performed throughout the game to cut the losses or to seal the deal.
  • No British Commission License - it is a well-known fact that UKGC does not allow to operate betting sites that did not become a part of the self-exclusion program. This is not the case for betting sites that we provide, due to the next benefit.
  • Non UK license -  there is a huge amount of casinos that have gambling licenses issued by other commission not from the UK that still accept players from the UK. Just to make sure the bookie you pick is not licensed by UKCG, quickly browse the site for their logo, if there is no logo you are all set and ready to go.
  • Any punter can join the betting site - for the most part all the betting sites that are not licensed by the UK gambling commission are trying to invite players from all over the world not only UK. So the variety of sports that is offered by such betting sites is almost limitless.
  • Big bonuses and welcome free bets - in order to attract bigger audiences, betting sites not covered by Gamstop offer you sweet deals available after a simple sign up process. The kind of bonus is very specific to the site you chose and it also worse checking the requirements to claim bonuses.
  • Responsive sites that are easy to use on mobile devices - most of the users prefer to use mobile devices to search the internet, make online orders. This is also the case for gambling, most of the players prefer easy access to the games through their mobile devices and betting sites not on Gamstop provide such opportunity by using responsive design for their websites.
  • Bet amount is not limited - There is no limit on the amount of money you can bet on a single odd. This is perfect for players that have resources to make high bets and this is definitely not the case for Gamstop betting sites.

No matter what type of bet you decide to choose here are the benefits you are entitled to while playing on bettings sites blocked by Gamstop.

Cons of Non Gamstop Betting Sites

Not wise to use for bettors with gambling addiction – the sole purpose of Gamstop is to help anyone with gambling problems to control their addiction and overcome it. In this case, sites for betting not covered by Gamstop is not a great choice for such players.

Lack of popular payment methods for UK punters – betting sites not on Gamstop in most cases does not provide a possibility to make deposits using the most popular payment methods such as PayPal and phone billing. But they do provide a great choice of other international payment methods.

No mobile native applications – for the most part non Gamstop sites are not interested in developing and supporting betting mobile applications, yet it might not be a disadvantage if full sense as all the betting sites works perfectly fine in mobile browsers.


Alternatives to Sportsbook not on Gamstop

In case you are not up for betting, with the variety of available games on sites not covered by Gamstop you can pick whatever kind of game you feel like playing right. In this brief section, we’ve provided other games available on almost any non Gamstop gambling site.

  • Bookies: you can bet on whatever you want to. Just pick one of the betting sites not on Gamstop and try your luck;
  • Poker Rooms: you know that your poker face is unreadable, then try your skills on any poker sites not on Gamstop;
  • Bingo Halls: wanna have fun shouting “Bingo”? There is a huge choice of bingo non Gamstop sites where you can experience it all;
  •  Lottery Platforms: getting thrilled seeing the numbers appearing on the screen? Just check non Gamstop lotto with keno and scratch cards.


Betting Site Companies not on Gamstop for UK Punters

Betting is becoming more and more popular with Internet evolution. Higher internet speed and increase in computational power as well gradually moving to mobile device usage in daily lives allow developing more and more exciting features available on betting sites. Also, it only makes sense to focus on players that want to find ways around  Gamstop

Usoftgaming N.V.

At his point, this company is in possession of three companies that do not participate in Gamstop. With huge experience in the gambling industry, it only makes sense that they deliver high-quality products.

BN Curacao N.V.

This is one of the companies you should take into consideration if you are looking for bookies not covered by Gamstop. They are running one of the biggest betting sites.

Thot Management N.V.

It is reasonable to find out more about this company as they own more than one betting sites, where you can find hundreds of options to pick the bet you would be most interested in.

BetOnline AG

This is a great option for anyone looking for sites not covered by Gamstop. Just take a look and find out yourself what this company can offer.

UK Gambling Laws and Regulations

UK betting industry is one of the safes in the worlds because all bookies should follow plenty of laws and regulations that are helping to ensure that gambling is legal and safe in the UK. Additionally, all British gambling sites should have a UK Gambling Commission licence and strictly follow the rules and laws it preserves. Because of these things, the players feel protected and in case of a problem they can contact the organization.

Gambling sites that aren’t the holders of a UK gambling license can’t advertise inside the UK. Also, non-local gambling companies must also be granted by the commission and follow the rules if they want to work with UK customers officially. Another important rule is all online casinos and betting sites can accept only players over the age of 18. All signed up players should apply a copy of a password, driver license, or other official documents to pass the personal identification if they want to play on real money.

Key points of betting sites not covered by Gamstop

All UK betting sites are strictly regulated by UKGC and one of the requirements is to join the Gamstop program. Such measures apply to increase to somehow regulate gambling addiction between gamblers in the UK. After gamblers joined the self-exclusion program it is very hard to continue to play using betting sites after the participation in the program expired. For this very purpose, we created a list of sport sites not covered by Gamstop and described all popular questions you need to know.

Non Gamstop Bookmakers FAQs

What sites are not on Gamstop?

Check out yourself all the reviews of betting sites not on Gamstop we prepared for you in the section above.

How trustworthy are these sites?

Non Gamstop betting sites are not licensed by UKGC but that does not mean that they are not licensed at all. For instance a lot of these sites have Curacao license which requires security provision on different layers. 

What is an absolute minimum you can start to play with?

A vast majority of bettings sites not covered by Gamstop would allow you to play with the starting amount as low as £20-50.

What is the best betting site not on Gamstop?

There are numerous betting sites not registered with Gamstop where you can place bets. The best operator in our tests is Tiger Gaming.


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