Non Gamstop Casinos

Welcome to, your honest and reliable guide to the best non Gamstop casinos. Our team collected the best casino sites in the gambling industry that offer great bonuses, no deposits play, and free spins. Therefore, not only will you find here the list of the best online casinos, but you will also get the most generous bonuses in the casino industry.


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Non Gamstop Casinos 2020

Gamstop is a nationwide service provided for people to control their online gambling habits.

Gamstop provides an ability to restrict access to online casino sites for personal usage. Yet there are loads of online casino sites not on Gamstop, due to the fact that they decided not to participate in Gamstop Program. However there are other different services that provide the ability to exclude yourself from accessing online casinos.

The most common way to omit the Gamstop restrictions is to find gambling sites not on Gamstop list. These sites give you an opportunity to sign up and play right away ignoring Gamstop restrictions.

Gambling issues is a serious problem, and here on we strongly do not recommend anyone who has previous gambling addiction to play again using non Gamstop casinos, unless you want to try again and this site provides the list of non Gamstop casinos.

On this up to date list of gambling sites not on Gamstop 2020 you can find next information:

  • A list of non Gamstop casinos
  • Online casino sites sites not on Gamstop 2019
  • Various of online casinos for any taste
  • Features of these sites

The Best UK Casinos without Gamstop


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Different kinds of Non Gamstop Casinos

The online casino sites provided here are the gambling sites not on Gamstop list and Gamstop UK. Also there are all kinds of games provided here to play in case you blocked your access to these games. Here is the list of possibilities for you to do online this year:

  • Online Casinos: This is the most beloved way to gamble on online casinos. The amount of casinos that join the Gamstop program is growing year by year, due to the fact that gambling dames are highly addictive. However there are a number of online casinos that are willing to allow people that have already joined Gamstop program to play.
  • Betting Sites: If you feel passionate about betting all types of sports (i.e. soccer, hockey, horse racing) you would most definitely use one of the online gambling sites. A huge part of these site would provide you with bonuses if you are a part of Gamstop program.
  • eSports Betting Sites: eSports is a fast growing industry and vast amount of people love to bet on various games such as Dota, LoL, Counter Strike: GO. Even if you have banned yourself from these sites using Gamstop there are still lots of opportunities for you to omit these restrictions.
  • Poker Sites: The golden era of online poker was in early 2000s. Still there are great chances for you to win online if you have a good hand. Huge amount of popular gambling sites are on Gamstop list, still there are lots of non Gamstop sites.
  • Slot Sites: Online Slots can be so much fun with all the colors and events that can happen in just one minute. However it can go wrong as this kind of game is highly addictive and the only way is to become a part of Gamstop program. Here you can find numerous non Gamstop sites UK.

Is it possible to play Non Gamstop online slots?

Most of the providers of such services (casino operators or traditional slot sites) are not participating in Gamstop program. 

Most of these providers give you an opportunity to play a vast variety of slots. Not Gamstop online slots will prove themselves to have amazing designs of slots on any taste.

It doesn’t matter if you have the UKGC-license, due to the fact that most of the gambling sites not on Gamstop situated in Curacao or Malta for instance.

There have been occurrences of fake slots provided by different kinds of online casinos. But it is not a regular situation and appears quite rarely.

Features of Non Gamstop Casinos

There is a list of things you may find helpful regarding the Non Gamstop online casinos:

  • Licensed outside the UK: For the most part online casinos have their licenses in other countries but not the UK. 
  • Massive Bonuses: These kind of sites attract users by providing huge bonus offers and extra spins. It is proven that for the most part it is non Gamstop casinos that provide the biggest bonuses. The styling of these might have more adult themes unlike the UK online casinos.
  • Not UK first focused: such casinos are targeting multiple countries and not only UK. They have multiple language versions of sites and English is most definitely would be one of it.

Summary of Non Gamstop casinos

There are lots of advantages as well as disadvantages playing on non Gamstop online casinos UK. These sites provide you with countless options such as huge bonuses and free spins. In case you banned yourself using Gamstop program there is a chance to play once again on such sites.

The disadvantage is that you cannot restrict yourself to access non Gamstop online casinos in case of considering such option. There is a possibility that these sites would have an option to block the access but for the most part there is no such option. Another disadvantage is the possibility of limited withdrawal on some of the sites.

Familiarize yourself with this guide or enter one of the sites to try it out yourself.

Why Gamstop have such an influence in the online gambling industry

Online casinos is a fast growing area. New online casinos appear all the time providing the huge choice of places to play without having to leave home.

For most people, online gambling is not the problem and it is just a way to have some fun or relax at the end of the day and does not affect their daily lives. These people can play reasonably and know when to stop.

But gambling is a serious issue that can lead to drastic problems in financial and personal life. It is very difficult to stop a person that has such a problem.

Gambling addiction is a serious issue in the UK and Gamstop is UK’s most developed program that provides help to everyone who requires it by blocking the online casinos that became a part of the program.

Gamstop is a voluntary self-exclusion site.

Gamstop is a UK program that is optional for both players and casinos. There are lots of casinos that have joined the program and other have not.

As soon as you enroll Gamstop program it will by default block your access from all the online casinos that signed for this program as well.

For the most part UK online casinos joined the Gamstop program but other online casinos that acquired their licenses in Malta, Cyprus, Curacao or other offshore countries are not obligated to join Gamstop.

How Gamstop Works

The main objective of Gamstop is a possibility to block access to any online casino sites by preventing from authorizing on to any app or site from providers that are participating in Gamstop program. To be a part of Gamstop is pretty straightforward and easy.

  • Enter the Gamstop UK. As soon as you are logged in you will be required to provide personal information such as date of birth and email address and go through several steps on Gamstop site.
  • It is completely free to register and provide personal information about yourself. It is an issue of few clicks in order to become a part of Gamstop program, but confirmation of the registration might take up to 24 hours.
  • Gamstop stores a list of registered gamblers as well as online casinos that became a part of this program. Any attempt of entering any online casino site on Gamstop list will fail. A possibility of registering as the new problem also is not possible.
  • Gamestop is used to provide support for addicts who are not able to calm their urge to gamble for the time period selected by the participant of the program. It is very complicated to cancel the participation in the program until the end of the selected period of time
  • Even after the time period of participation is ended, the participant will still be the part of the program until contacting Gamstop and cancelling the participation.
  • There is a helpline for anyone in need in case of the situations when a person finds it difficult to resist their gambling habit.
  • It is impossible to become a part of the Gamstop program as someone else but it is possible to initiate such process for that process.
  • Being a part of Gamstop program will not prevent the gambler from getting all sorts of advertisements and other materials regarding gambling.

What does a Gamstop have compared to non Gamstop online casino?

For different reasons, a lot of people chose to use non Gamstop online casinos but Gamstop program itself is a good thing for gambling.

It is common to think that Gamstop UK is trying to gain profits from vulnerable people and Gamstop is the initiative that helps to protect such people as well as the reputation of gambling industry.

The UKGC is also trying to convince all the online casinos to become a part of Gamstop program.

The upper hand of playing at online casinos that are on Gamstop list is the possibility to restrict yourself from accessing such resources.

The only thing for the gambler to do is to become a part of Gamstop program. Everything else will be taken care of and as a result access to all online casinos on Gamstop list will be restricted.

There are two ways to block access to online casino sites is either to restrict access manually or contact Gamstop support.

There is a list of non Gamstop casinos provided by Gamstop to make it easier to restrict access to such sites.

Gamstop is valued by UKGC and gamblers should too.

Most of the most successful online casinos became a part of Gamstop and can provided anything needed for player. There is no need to risk playing at non Gamstop casinos.

Player should consider all the risks they might meet while playing on non Gamstop online casinos.

Such casinos acquired their licences in countries other than UK 

These casinos are not located in the UK, they are always based offshore and own a license from other countries. It is illegal to offer gambling services to UK players without UK license but it is legal to play on them. THing to keep in mind while playing on non Gamstop online casinos;

Tax payment if the casino is located not in EU

Do not play on non Gamstop online casinos if you have gambling problems

Currency might differ from Pounds

You will have to visit every non Gamstop online casino site to restrict access to all of them if needed

Always think twice when choosing a site that is not on Gamstop list. The online casino with the UKGC license is the better option unless you are extremely interested in bonuses, quick registration process.

The other reason to choose the online casino registered in UK is due to the fact that UKGC Gambling Act is one of the world’s most strict ones and it is basically always on the players side. They are working for your safety and your good.

Non UK Casino

Gambling sites situated in the UK have to work under the UK gambling license when offering casino services to players in the UK. When they own a UK gambling license they also obliged to work with Gamstop register and block players how self-excluded themselves from online casinos. We have been already covered what to do if you are or are not included in the Gamstop, but is it possible to play on a non-UK casino and have the same bonuses or even more? We say YES and here is why:

  • First of all, these casinos don’t own the UK gambling license. This is the advantage of non UK casinos. Nevertheless, it also could be a disadvantage of the non UK casino for some players.
  • The non UK casinos own the licenses of Cyprus, Malta, Curacao, and other countries. There also could be the different jurisdictions, but usually, they are rare.
  • For non-EU casinos that operate under a non-EU gambling license might apply taxes, but usually such casinos give you other benefits that attract you to play.
  • non-UK casino something can’t provide the same security level. You can ask for help from UKGC if you have problems playing on a licensed casino site. Unfornutenely, they can’t help you if faced with an issue on non UK casino.
  • Finally, the most important reason why you can take a look at the non UK casino is their license. When these sites use non UK casino license they able to decide which rules they will follow and usually they are not using Gamstop rules and other restrictions.

To summarise, the advantages and disadvantages of non UK casinos you need to know:

  • What is UKGC? The UK Gambling Commission is an executive non-department public body of the Government of the UK responsible for regulating gambling. The UK online casinos have to have UKGC license otherwise they can’t work legally. Non UK casinos can work without this license.
  • What is non UK online casino? A non UK online casino site is an online casino that has another license and offers its content to all players without national restrictions.
  • Are the non UK casinos safe? There are plenty of unsafe gambling sites, but our team provide you list of the best non UK casinos that give you the same security level and even bigger bonuses.